Saturday, 26 December 2015

4 month baby update

You're going to be turning 4 months old on boxing day and I expect we'll be a bit busy that day so I'm writing this update a couple of days early this month.

At the moment I think you're probably going through a little growth spurt, you're eating more (more on that later) and waking up a little bit earlier. Don't get me wrong we are still absolutely spoilt, the very earliest you've woken up is about half 7 which is still amazing for a 4 month old baby but you were sleeping til 8 or 9 (sometimes even 10!) a couple of weeks ago. We had your last lot of injections last week so that disrupted you a little bit and you woke up once in the night for a couple of nights but we don't mind. You're so good normally, we know if you wake up it's because something is the matter.
You still nap a lot! Usually at least 2 or 3 a day. If I let you sleep on me sometimes you'll sleep for 3-4 hours but we usually try to put you down for a nap in your big girls cot now when we notice you start to get grumpy, or you sleep whenever we're out and about - especially in the new car!
You're still in your crib in mummy and daddy's bedroom at the moment but I think we'll look at putting you in your own room in the New Year maybe. You love your bedroom, we always get changed in there and you have your naps there now. I'd feel better if you could roll so I know you won't get stuck on your front!

You're up to 8oz bottles now and you polish them off no problem. You're not sick very often anymore which is much better and you're obviously keeping more milk in you're tummy. You normally have between 4-6 bottles a day depending on how much you've napped during the daytime but you wake up earlier if you haven't had much milk in the day. If you're awake you don't like to go as long between bottles now, you scream every 3 hours whereas last month you'd happily go 4, as I said I think you're having a little growth spurt.

14lb 6oz when we got weighed this morning (Wednesday)....a whole stone already! That's crazy. It won't be long and you'll be double your birth weight.
Still on the 50th percentile as well.

You absolutely love the sound of your own voice! You just constantly chat & smile the whole time you are awake which is so funny and you are so cute! 
The two main developmental things we are really waiting for you to do this month are rolling and laughing. Both of which you have sooo nearly got!
We practice you're rolling everyday with lots of tummy time but you hate it. You like you lie on your back and wiggle, or kick everything. You can lift your hips up & sort of get half way into a roll but I have to give you a helping hand for the last little bit! haha
You do laugh a little bit now, mostly at yourself or when I pull your vests up over your head but it's adorable and I can't wait for it to be a more regular thing.
You want to sit up all the time now. You get upset if you have to lie down, apart from for a nap of course. You've started to enjoy sitting in your bumbo seat and hardly need any support at all.

You're still in 0-3 month clothes but I'm going to get the 3-6 bits out soon because I'm sure it won't be long. You seem to be a month behind when going into bigger size clothes so far. 
We're literally on our last couple of size 2 nappies just using up what we've got left and then you'll be in size 3! How did that happen already? I had to exchange a load of size 2s because I'd stocked up so much when you were pregnant and didn't expect you to grow this quickly!


Friday, 25 December 2015