Monday, 19 October 2015

What Brooke Wore #2

This week we actually remembered to get some full length outfit posts so here we are...

Hat (pack of 2) - George at Asda
Zip up jacket - TU at Sainsburys
Jogging bottoms (pack of 2) - Primark
Shoes (pack of 3) - Mothercare

Now the temperature seems to have suddenly dropped I'm trying to make sure Brooke always has a hat on when we're out and about. I think she looks so cute in them, like a proper little smurf!

Romper sleepsuit (pack of 2) - H&M

This is actually the first item of 0-3 clothing that B has worn. Up until now everything was so big for her that it looked pretty silly but this week I've finally accepted that her newborn bits are getting a bit snug and popped her in this.
I love the romper style to this because most sleepsuits have enclosed feet and seem more restrictive. Brooke was extra happy wriggling around in this.

Snowsuit - George at Asda

Again this is 0-3 but B's been wearing it since she was born on all our trips to the park to walk Marley. It's so snug & cosy and finally starting to fit her properly. It was a hand me down from my friend Lucy and her little girl Betsy & I know they've already got the same suit in 3-6 to pass on to us as well so that'll be fab for winter.

Babygrow - The Disney Store

This was the outfit that B wore home from the hospital when she was born and it swamped her at the time. It was one of the first unisex bits we bought after our 12 week scan & definitely one of my favourites. It's velour type fabric and so so soft!

Long-sleeve vest - Mothercare
Dungarees - vintage

 Not that you can see in the photo but the vest says "Daddy's Little Cupcake" on it and was part of the Easter range at Mothercare and was a gift from Brooke's godparents.
The dungarees were actually mine when I was a baby. I've really struggled to find any pink dungarees that I like so was thrilled when my mum passed these on to me. It's crazy to think first I wore them, then I used to dress my little dollies up in them and now my little girl is wearing them! So cute!


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  1. Gorgeous outfits, I can't believe your mum still had your dungarees, thats fab!x

    1. I know me neither!! Bless her...god knows where she kept them all these years. Haha xxx

  2. All of these outfits are adorable, as is Brooke!
    But those dungarees, I love this story and am now determined to keep some of Aria's clothing for (scary thought) if/when she has children!

    Thanks for linking with #WhatMyBabyWore

    1. Thank you hun! I know bless my mum, so cute....she gave me quite a few bits that were mine. So strange to think. I'm definitely going to try & keep some of my favourite clothes of Brooke's to pass down as well xxx