Monday, 26 October 2015

2 month baby update

I just can't believe that our little princess is whole 2 months old today. Time is flying by so crazy crazy quickly and I feel like my teeny tiny newborn has slipped away right before my eyes and is fast becoming a little lady.

Day 1/7/14/21/28/35/42/49/56

We are so so lucky that you sleep amazingly well and always have done. You easily go from 10pm to 7/8am every night now which is a dreeeeaam! Once or twice you haven't even woken for your 10pm feed and slept right through 6.30pm to 6am. I'm trying to start a little bedtime routine now, bath at 6.10/6.15, bottle at half 6 and then you're usually asleep by 7. We change your bum before we go to bed at about 10/11 so if you wake up properly you have another bottle then but if not we let you sleep. This has been going really well but the past few days you've been a little bit unsettled and come down with your first cold so sleeping is out the window until you can breathe through your nose again!

You are still very much mummy's little piggy. You LOVE your milk and literally get excited when you see the bottle coming your way and pull all these cute little faces. You're now having 6oz bottles  5 or 6 times a day and pretty much drain them every time. We even gave you your first 7oz bottle yesterday (but you did leave a little bit)!

The health visitor came round last Friday when you were 7 weeks 2 days old and you were 11lb 9oz - a whole 3lb heavier than when you were born, and don't we know it! You're definitely much heavier to carry now & I can feel it when you fall asleep on me in an awkward position for too long.
Then we had your 6 week checkup on Wednesday (8 weeks old) and you were 11lb 13oz!! 4oz gain in 4 days!!! That's what's we're dealing with! Haha
We're starting swimming lessons next month and you have to be 3 months old or 12lbs and silly mummy was worried we'd have to miss the lesson because it's a few days before you turn 3 months old but you're going to be 12lbs by the weekend at this rate so I don't know what I was worrying about.

You smiles properly for the first time at around 5 weeks old. I'm sure you used to smile at me before that but we can't be sure it wasn't wind. The last 2 weeks or so you are just full of gorgeous smiles the whole time you are awake. You don't want your dummy anymore because you'd rather be chatting away to everybody. As soon as anybody shows you any attention and talks to you, you don't stop smiling and chatting back. I love it and you're so so cute!
The last couple of days you've really started to discover your hands and constantly shove them in your mouth to suck. You've also started grabbing any blanky nearby & pulling it up over you're head.
For the first time yesterday you actually started pulling on the toys that dangle above your playmat, and boy once you've got a grip nothing escapes! Haha

Big smiles today!!

This week I've finally admitted defeat and moved you into 0-3 month clothes. I was moaning for ages that you hardly had any clothes to chose from because everything was miles too big and I was determined not to buy anymore newborn bits but I take it all back!! It broke my heart packing away all the teeny clothes, far too many of them ended up in your special memory box because I couldn't bare for them to be packed up for the loft or even worse....sold! :(
All the 0-3 clothes are still pretty baggy, especially vests but the way you're going I'm sure it won't stay that way for long! I stupidly bought your Christmas outfits in 0-3 thinking you were growing slowly but I'm sure they will be to small by then.
You're still in size 1 nappies but will be moving up to size 2 very shortly. We are just using up the last pack of size 1's now.


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