Wednesday, 28 October 2015

6 week checkup

Last Wednesday we went to the doctors for the first time so that Brooke & I could have our 6 week checkup (even though B was 8 weeks old by then!)

Our happy little lady was as good as gold and was babbling away to her new Doctor. She had her eyes, ears, heart, lungs and hips checked as well as being weighed and measured.

The little chunk is weighing in at 11lb 13oz now which the doctor was more than happy with. She usually screams her head off when she has to get naked to have her nappy changed or getting out of the bath because she hates being cold so I wasn't expecting the weighing to go well, but Brooke pleasantly surprised us all and was smiling away the entire time.

Our doctor was laughing at her because she wouldn't be quiet while he was trying to listen to her heart. She was coo-ing and chatting away to him for ages!
Overall our Dr was really pleased with B's development so far and says it's really good that she "talks" so much already and that she will interact and "talk back" when people speak to her. He said she is very aware of her surroundings and super curious which is lovely to hear.

My 6-week check consisted of 
"how are you feeling?"
"Any problems?"
"Are you healing okay?"
And that was pretty much it! I'm sure my doctor would have checked out my stitches if I had asked him too but to be honest I don't have any concerns. I feel 97% back to my old self now and I can tell everything has healed well and isn't infected.

How was your 6-week checkup? I'd love to hear if it varied a lot from ours?

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