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Hi everybody my name's Jo, welcome to my blog Squishy, G and Me!

Back in December 2014 my boyfriend (Grant.....aka G) and I found out we were expecting our first little bambino. All very exciting stuff so I decided to start my second blog to document my pregnancy and talk all things bump, mummy and baby!

On Wednesday 26th August 2015 at 5:40pm our lives changed forever & baby Squishy arrived.
(If you're not too squeamish you can read our labour & birth story here)
 I'm definitely that crazy besotted mummy so sorry not sorry for the constant baby updates and spam. Squishy G and Me is our own little online diary to look back on when baby Squishy is bigger and if we can make any friends along the way that would be fantastic!

You'll probably see a mixture of ramblings on here and a bit of lifestyle, beauty, weight loss and travel. I'm a full time air hostess by day, working for a big UK airline and I'm a little bit obsessed with all things pretty which is lucky as I get to travel to America quite a lot to hunt down lots of transatlantic goodies (lets hope baby Squishy is a girl eh?).
I used to write a beauty & lifestyle blog over at Sparkle Bug (which you can visit here) but I'd like to focus more on bubba and my new life as a mummy so I thought I'd start a new blog all together.
I'm thinking I might copy over the top 10 posts from my old blog  for any new readers who are interested to have a peek as well.

If you do stop by be sure to say hello & leave me your links - I'd love to make some new mummy friends


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