Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Youngsies Monkey Onesie - Review

Last week we received a little pre-Christmas treat from the lovely people at Youngsies, one of their baby monkey onesie costumes* for Brooke to try out.

Youngsies are a company specialising in animal onesies and towels for babies and toddlers. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 0-36 months.

We absolutely love the monkey onesie! Is is so cute, cheeky and totally unisex.

- It is hand & footless
- Has an attached hood
- Is costume style
- Very soft & fluffy
- Thickly padded
- Has both zip & popper openings
- Machine washable

This honestly is one of the thickest, most snuggly and padded onesies that Brooke has, and she has quite a few! We've found 0-3 months to be an awkward stage where shops don't really offer coats yet for babies so small, so onesies and pramsuits are our go to outfit on a cold day.

The monkey onesie is size 0-6 months so as Brooke is coming up 4 months there was still plenty of room for her to grow further and I expect it will fit her for a good while yet. Being handless and footless in a romper style (if you chose to open the poppers) definitely means the onesie will fit for longer because often clothes become too short in the leg for Brooke before they're too small in the body.

Everytime Brooke has worn the onesie she has seemed really comfortable. She's had it on for hours at a time if we've been out in her pram and has fallen asleep all cosy everytime so it's definitely a hit with her.
A lot of all-in-one snowsuit type outfits we've used make her too hot and she's gets all upset and sweaty, especially considering how warm winter has been so far. Somehow the monkey onesie doesn't have the same effect. Brooke has never seemed uncomfortable or too hot, which surprised me considering how warm and thick the onesie is.

We've already washed the monkey onesie and it came back out of the machine just as soft and cosy as when it went in. No bobbles or loose threads, it's honestly such great quality.

The only negative I can think of is that Brooke probably wouldn't be able to wear it as the weather starts to get warmer because it is really thick and padded but that definitely isn't a concern at the moment. The monkey onesie is going to be perfect for the next few months and lets be honest you probably wouldn't be looking to buy onesies in the summer anyway would you?

We absolutely love our monkey onesie and will definitely be purchasing some more of the animal onesie range. Now I've seen how soft the onesie's are I'm dying to try out one of Youngsie's baby towels!

The baby monkey costume onesie retails at £17.99 and you can find it on Youngsies website here, along with plenty of other fab animal styles to chose from (the duck onesie is just tooo cute!)

Does your baby have any animal outfits? We'd love to see pictures!
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