Monday, 13 April 2015

Squishy Haul #1

Yes yes I know I have been promising cute baby hauls for weeks now and I really have no excuse for taking so long to post them up. As I think I already mentioned after both our 12 and 20 weeks scans me and G hit the shops in a BIG way. More recently we've been buying pink girly bits obviously but back in February just after we got the all-OK from our 12 week scan we finally hit the shops - something the shopaholic in me had been dying to do ever since we found out we were pregnant!
So here are some of the bits we picked up:
First stop, probably not surprisingly as we are definitely restricted by our budget, was Primark. To be honest I've heard mixed reports about their baby clothing, some of my friends with little ones love it and some say you get what you pay for and that the quality is poor. So the jury is definitely still out and we will see how Squishy gets on with what we've bought so far. I'm trying to remember the prices on these best I can so they might be slightly off.
4-piece newborn set £8 - Primark
This cute set consisted of a short sleeve bodysuit, a longsleeve sleepsuit, a hat and bib. All in this adorable teddy print. To be fair I think we now own the entire collection of this cute little bear so he is definitely here to stay!

pack of 7 short sleeve bodysuits £7 - Primark
Hooded towel £5 - Primark
Giraffe all-in-one pram suit in 3-6 months £6 in the sale - Primark cute? Obviously just because every little girl needs a giraffe outfit in their wardrobe right? We got this in a bigger size so hopefully it'll be perfect for Squishy throughout the winter months.
3-pack muslins £5, 2 hats & 2 scratchmitts pack £3, 5-pack socks £2.50 & 7-pack bibs £3 - Primark
Obviously a baby shopping spree would not be complete without a trip to The Disney Store right? Don't get me wrong I know their clothing is so over priced but it's all so gorgeous we couldn't resist a few special bits. Funnily enough I'm not keen on the blue or pink items this season so we'll probably be stocking up on some more Dumbo items.

Dumbo sleepsuit £18 - The Disney Store
This is definitely one of my favourite sleepsuits we have for Squishy so far...maybe even a contender for her coming home from the hospital outfit!

Dumbo soft toy £16 - The Disney Store
I am obsessed with this Dumbo toy. It is up there with one of the softest toys I have every felt and elephants are my favourite animal so it was always going to be a winner.
H&M is another one of those stores that I definitely will be buying a lot of Squishy's clothes from. Where I live we actually only have a kids H&M - no adult one - so we tend to have a really good selection of their stock. I just don't think you can beat them on price, they always have great 3 for 2 offers on basic baby bits and I always love their bits.
2-pack long sleeve bodysuits £7.99 - H&M
3-piece set £9.99 - H&M
I love this little set. We haven't got a lot of colour for Squishy at this stage. Most of the neutral items we tend to pick up are cream, white or grey so I love this green. The set comes with little stripy leggings (so cute!), a short sleeve bodysuit & hat. All in matching dinosaur print of course! Raaaw!
2-pack leggings £2.50 in the sale - H&M

2-pack leggings £5 - H&M
I think baby leggings are super cute and are something I would love Squishy to wear a lot. I think as she is due in the summer it's probably going to be too warm for actual little person clothes so I'm thinking a bodysuit and leggings will be perfect for lazy days at home.

2-pack sleepsuits £9.99 - H&M
These sleepsuits are ador-a-ble! Who doesn't love Winnie the Pooh? Especially baby Winnie the Pooh!
2-pack short sleeve bodysuits £12 - Man Utd Megastore

As I mentioned on one of my previous posts we were pretty good and didn't buy any little bits for Squishy until after our 12 week scan...that is apart from these little Manchester United bodysuits. These were literally the first item we bought Squishy just a few days after we found out we were pregnant. We were up in Manchester for the weekend for G's birthday and being the huge football fans that we are it would have been silly not to stop by the megastore at Old Trafford as obviously it's not somewhere we can just pop to every day living down in Kent. I know lots of people won't understand buying football baby clothes for a little girl but it wouldn't have mattered to us what sex Squishy turned out to be. I love football and I'm a girl so who says our little princess won't love it too? Obviously we're never going to force football onto our little girl but until she's old enough to make up her own mind I think these are really cute. And she will of course need an England kit in time for Euro 2016!!

3-pack sleeveless bodysuits £2.50 - George at Asda, 3-pack short sleeve bodysuits £3, 3-pack long sleeve bodysuits £3 - both Primark

Now for the boring, but oh so essential bits. We've picked up lots of plain white bodysuits in all different sizes and sleeve lengths. As Squishy is due in August (hopefully) we've got mostly sleeveless or short sleeve bodysuits in newborn and 0-3 months and then have stocked up on some long sleeve suits in 0-3 and 3-6 months for when the temperature will be dropping a little bit and Squishy will probably appreciate more layers.

Teddy blanket £5, Cellular blanket £4 - both Primark, Humphrey's Corner pram blanket £12 - Mothercare
These are Squishy's neutral colour blankets all of which I love! Being a big elephant/Disney/Winnie the Pooh fan in general the gorgeous Humphrey's corner heffelump blanket was an absolute must buy as soon as I laid my eyes on it. It is incredibly soft. It's cotton on one side and fleece on the other, so so thick and of amazing quality.
The other two blankets are just cheap bits from primark. The teddy one was too cute not to buy - I think it would make the perfect gift if you are looking to buy something for a friend expecting a baby. It is presented so nicely!
The cellular blankets from primark are actually cheaper and softer than anywhere else I have come across - even  George at Asda!

So that's it for today! Those are pretty much all the bits we picked up in our first shopping trip back in February. We have picked up a few more neutral bits since then but I didn't want to bore you with too much at once so I'll save them for another haul another day.


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