Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bump update - 19 weeks


Bump is slowly growing I think. I still feel like I'm at that awkward in between stage that I've mentioned the last couple of weeks but I definitely feel like I'm getting rounder now. I caved and bought some maternity black trousers for work this week as well so I must be getting bigger.


I can't get enough tuna (which I'm trying to limit to twice a week as advised) and chocolate this week. I also found myself really fancying chocolate milk and toast with marmalade.

No new symptoms really, my lower back is being abit of a pain still and it's hard to get up off the sofa sometimes. Once I get moving I'm fine again though, it just seems to seize up if I sit down for too long!
And after weeks of me moaning & wishing I could feel Squishy move I definitely definitely can now. Literally the day I turned 19 weeks movements started and now every evening around 10pm Squish has a good old wriggle around in my tummy - plus a couple of times during the day now as well. Bub is actually having a good old dance right no as I type this! G likes to try to talk (or sometimes shout! - I'm convinced we will have a deaf baby at this rate!) into my belly and see if he can get Squish moving, most of the time it actually does work and he thinks it's hilarious. Men eh? Still can't feel any movements from the outside of my tummy yet but I'm looking forward to that starting so G can feel it too.


No appointments this week but I am dying with excitement for our 20 week scan on Thursday. It's at 10am nice and early and then we're going to go shopping for the rest of the day once we know whether we can start buying pink or blue bits. I honestly don't think I've ever looked forward to something so much in my life!!


Not much again this week, the novelty of buying cute baby things has definitely worn off as we're restricted to white and neutral colours.
I'm not sure whether I've mentioned before but we've decided after lots of friends recommendations that we will be buying Asda's Little Angels range of nappies for the baby. I've been stocking up on boxes whenever they have them in stock and have a few size 2's but for the last 8-9 weeks now our local Asda never seems to have the boxes in size 1 in stock. I don't know whether there's a national shortage or something but it's very strange? We did go to a larger Asda living store over in Maidstone and bought some smaller packets of size 1's just in case nowhere gets any in. Not sure what to do about that really?
I also ordered a baby book finally! I'm not sure why its taken me so long because I'm so excited to start filling it in. We went for Bump to Birthday in the end so I can't wait for it to arrive now so I can get started.
I was also very naughty and bought two coloured items from BHS (as in the pink/blue out of bounds for now section!). I won't tell you which sex we bought for in case I jinx myself but I decided that I would simply be distraught if this little snowsuit and tracksuit set was sold out by the time we went shopping - they were in the sale and the last left in the size we need. There's plenty of other items I love for both sexes so I'm sure I won't have any trouble finding something to exchange for if it turns out I've bought the wrong sex.
As I mentioned above I finally caved in and admitted that my black trousers for work are a little bit snug under the bump now so I bought some maternity bits from New Look. I tried on about a million things but in the end I tried to spend as little as possible & just got some trousers and a t-shirt. I absolutely wish I'd done it sooner because maternity clothing is the comfiest thing ever! I genuinely quite concerned that I'm never going to want to wear normal clothes again once Squishy is here....but we'll see!


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