Monday, 13 April 2015

Seventeen Brow's That Brow Kit - Review

For a while now I've been trying everything in my power to get my hands on one of the illusive MUA Brow Kits which are simply sold out absolutely everywhere! Soo I was thrilled to see that if you spend £8 on Seventeen makeup in Boots at the moment you get their brow kit (worth £6) for absolutely nothing! Got to love a freebie!
I've been wanting to try out Seventeen's Stay Time foundation (review to follow shortly) for a while now so I was already looking to buy that so I simply bumped up my spend with a nice clear top coat nail polish for £2.99 as I seem to have run out of all of my top coats at the moment and keep forgetting to pick one up.
I was thrilled to see this little kit included everything I wanted in the MUA one...and more!
The packaging is so sleek and shiny I was instantly drawn in like the magpie I am. It doesn't take much trust me!
To be honest I think this brow kit contains absolutely everything you could need to transform your brows completely. There does seems to only be one shade available which isn't ideal but I am pretty fair and its absolutely fine on me so if you were after a darker brow you could definitely build the colour.
The brow kit contains: a wax, powder, highlighter, mini pencil and mini brush.
They also include a handy hints & tips card to assist any nervous brow artists. I think this is a great idea and it's definitely something I would have appreciated the first time I filled my brows in.
I know the kit doesn't come with mini tweezers like some brow kits do but lets face it, that's probably the one thing you already own if you're particular about your eyebrows and it's always better to have slanted tweezers, which the ones included in little kits very rarely are.

I really do love this kit and have been using it daily since I bought it.
Which brow kits do you recommend?
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  1. ive seen a lot of reviews on this product, mostly good reviews anyway thanks for sharing your thogubts on it :) x x

    1. Thanks for stopping by doll!
      Yep I was really impressed, definitely a great budget brow palette. Can't complain for the price at all