Saturday, 4 April 2015


Morning everybody - Happy Easter!

Just a quick post really to excuse my lack of blogging the last couple days. You might have seen me already mention a few hundred times that we had our 20 weeks scan on Thursday morning...and yes we found out the sex of little Squishy so we've been pretty preoccupied shopping and painting ever since then really.

Sooooo....without further ado. I am over the moon to announce that we are expecting a:


We are so so excited! Even though I was CONVINCED Squishy was a boy, like CONVINCED...I would have bet some serious money on it, it turns out we actually have a little Squishabelle on our hands.

After our scan we went straight to Westfield Stratford City shopping centre and shopped until our hearts were content! Plenty of cute little dresses, tights, hair bands, teeeensy shoes and little cute teddies - mostly pink of course!! You might have seen on my Instagram the absolute pink fest that our house has turned into already, God help us!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend. I'll be back in a couple of days with some unisex and baby girls hauls and now doubt a proper 20 week bump update


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