Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bump update - 21 & 22 weeks

I seem to have got rather carried away with life these last two weeks and missed out on a whole update so I thought it'd be best to lump these two together.


I don't think my bump has changed massively over the last fortnight. I've definitely becoming more confident with it though. We went out to a friends 30th birthday party last Friday and I happily wore something tight fitting to show it off rather than cover up like I would have a few weeks ago. I also managed in heels for the evening with no problems at all which I was pleased about.

What have we been up to? 

This week we painted Squishy's bedroom which was very exciting! Just a plain magnolia as we only rent our house and aren't allowed to do anything too crazy but it's freshened it up loads and looks so much nicer already. Once I've finished with the room adding all the little pink touches it will be amazing I'm sure.
We also went to the South East Baby & Toddler show yesterday so I will do a post all about that at some point this week.


I've put on another pound and a half taking me to 202.5lbs now. 9.5lbs weight gain in total since finding out I was pregnant which is definitely making me nervous considering I'm sure the worst is yet to come! Eeeek!
I've definitely been craving more sweet stuff again - I know they say this happens with girls but I never really believed it. Plus I had a super sweet tooth even before I was pregnant so it's hard to tell whether its really got worse or not.

In my 21st week I was suffering quite badly with heartburn for a few days in a row. Something that luckily I hadn't experienced up until now. Thankfully a couple of spoonfuls of Gaviscon seem to sort it right out and it doesn't hang around for too long so lets hope things stay that way.
Typically just days after turning down a surgeon appointment as I hadn't been suffering, didn't want surgery whilst pregnant and felt like I was wasting everybody's time - the gallstone attacks have come back with a vengeance! It really isn't very fun at all! Nothing in particular seems to trigger it, it's totally random and there is nothing I can do or take to ease the pain until my gallbladder decides to stop having spasms all on its own :( the only thing I've found to help is a really hot hot water bottle and not moving or eating until the pain stops - which is sometimes 13 hours. I've had 2 attacks over the last week but they were so bad I had to call in sick for work but before that I hadn't had one since January so fingers crossed they don't start becoming more regular.
Squishy's movements are so so lovely to feel now. Still slightly strange but lovely all the same. It's reassuring feeling our little girl kicking away. We can't wait for the movements to get strong enough for G to feel from the outside now - hopefully it won't be too much longer because G is definitely getting impatient!


Generally I'm feeling super excited and happy. I'm getting impatient and just want to meet our little Squish now! God knows how I'm going to cope waiting 18 more weeks!! I was in Squishy's room sorting out all her little clothes last night and got a little bit overwhelmed and emotional. It's all seeming much more real now

Baby's gender

Still a little girl :) To be honest I'm not expecting this to change anytime soon! haha...it better not anyway the amount of pink stuff in our house now!


I had my 20 week check-up with a new midwife last week, so actually at 21 weeks, but I'm so pleased I took the gamble and went to a new clinic to see a new midwife because she was lovely and totally set my mind at ease. My blood pressure came back normal again so that's looking much better. I got my MAT B1 form to send off to work so again that's making everything seem more real now. It seems crazy thinking about going onto actual maternity leave - I keep thinking that is miles off yet! We also listening to Squishy's heartbeat again which is really strong and sounding good and the midwife had a good feel around my belly and says little lady is a good size, which seems crazy to me because when I poke away I can't even feel her at all! Let alone how big she is!!


Again the shopping is pretty much off the scale! This little madam has SO much stuff now it's not true. We're seriously not buying another single piece of clothing...you are my witnesses!
I was however waiting for the Asda Baby & Toddler event which started online Saturday and in-stores Monday so we picked up a few bargains. Obviously going to a baby show as well I was tempted into buying things that definitely weren't essential but cute all the same so I'll include them in a post soon for you to see.

I think that's about all for this week. If you're enjoying our pregnancy updates I'd love you to follow our story either here or on Bloglovin'
Are you around the 20 week mark? I'd love to hear from fellow August mummy-to-be's

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