Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Palmers Butter Massage Lotion for Stretchmarks - Review

Like many other women, I expect, the dreaded word **stretchmarks** has definitely entered my head since finding out I was pregnant. In fact I think one of the first things I did, even before buying any teeny neutral clothes for Squishy, was go out and look for some lotions and potions to keep the stretchmarks under control.
I headed straight to Boots and one of the first products that caught my eye was the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretchmarks.
I have always been a huge lover of the Palmers brand and am constantly using their original cocoa butter and gradual tanner so this was a natural choice for me.


Palmers massage lotion for stretchmarks can be used all over the body and is designed especially for pregnancy stretchmarks. Palmers claim the lotion is "enriched with new Bio C-Elaste, pure Cocoa and Shea butters and Vitamin E" and with regular use it can help reduce the possibility of developing stretchmarks. Obviously this is a pretty broad claim and Palmers aren't promising to work miracles but any chance that this little bottle of magic could help prevent stretchmarks is a bonus right?
I bought this lotion when I was around 9-10 weeks pregnant so obviously I wasn't growing much of a bump just yet but I wanted to be prepared. I've only really started using it religiously since I turned 17 weeks and have really noticed my tummy stretching. I tend to use this every evening before bed on my tummy, sides, thighs and boobs or after I have had a bath.
And you know what? So far so good! Although the stretchmark lotion doesn't smell quite as delicious as the usual Palmers products it does definitely have the signature cocoa butter smell. It smells exactly the same as their Firming Butter if you have ever tried that? Still compared to Bio-oil (which I cannot stand the smell of!) and usual pregnancy products this is an absolute treat!
The lotion itself is a pale yellow in colour and very thick in consistency. It does take a little while to fully soak into your skin but it definitely does its job and leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft and supple so I really don't see waiting a little while to put my pyjamas on a problem.
Another great perk to buying Palmers pregnancy products is they are all: Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Dermatologist Tested. These are all things that are important to look for in body & beauty products but even more so when you are pregnant to ensure no nasties are being passed on to the baby.
I imagine Palmers massage lotion for Stretchmarks would also be perfect for relieving itchy and dry skin which I know is something a lot of women suffer with in pregnancy. Luckily I haven't had any problems with this so far but I am prone to dry skin so I'm sure it will come as the weather gets warmer.

I have been very very lucky and so far in my pregnancy I don't have any stretchmarks. My mum told me she didn't get any during any of her pregnancies either so perhaps good genes are my saviour but I definitely think lathering this product on my belly every night like it's going out of fashion has helped as well.
I love how it makes my tummy feel and it genuinely does seem like my skin has more elasticity & is more supple than before.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretchmarks comes in a handy pump bottle of 250ml and retails at £3.09 in Boots

Have you tried any magic lotions & potions to help with stretchmarks?
I'd love to hear your suggestions!


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