Thursday, 29 October 2015

Baby by Chad Valley Deluxe Swing - Review

Before B was born I was pretty adamant that I wanted to buy a baby swing. It was one of my must haves! I wasn't fussed by a bouncy chair or playmat but I thought a swing would be a really useful product to have.

They seem to vary in price a lot ranging from around £50 right up to £200+ so being on a budget I was after a bargain. 
The swing has 3 different speeds, 7 different songs, is lockable whilst you get baby in and out, folds down smaller so it can be stored more easily, has a 5-point harness strap, has a head hugger for smaller babies and has a detachable toy bar complete with three animal toys.
Pretty much all the features that you could look for in a swing - in my opinion.

- It comes in turquoise green or cream so is unisex and perfect to keep for anymore babies
- the toys are really cute & detachable so can go on a pram/car seat if you want them to
- it folds down for smaller storage. Great if you don't have much space like us!
- secure 5 point harness
- it's the cheapest baby swing on the market which was a big plus for us
- simple controls
- swing motions are gentle but strong enough at the same time

- the green/turquoise colour is probably a little more on the blue side if you're looking for something truly unisex but it doesn't bother us
- even at their largest the arms straps seem quite tight. Brooke has to sit in an unnatural position for them to fit her comfortably so I don't strap her in very often.

Brooke says:
Brooke has a love hate relationship with her swing. Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she hates it.
I was hoping that the swinging motion would help to soothe her when she was upset but this isn't the case. She definitely just screams more if we put her in when she is already upset. 
BUT when she is already happy and content which is 90% of the time - we are very lucky - then she absolutely loves it. She will happily swing for ages and ages and it will quite often send her to sleep.
We've found it particularly useful for when we are eating dinner or both busy with something else and need to put B down awake for a little while.

I was more than prepared to pay full price of £43.99 for the swing but I actually really luckily came across the exact swing we wanted second hand on my local Facebook buying site for the bargain price of £15. Unfortunately this meant that the music has never worked but that's not necessarily a bad thing! Haha

Our rating: 9/10
Would we recommend it: YES

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