Monday, 14 September 2015

2 week baby update

I can't actually believe I'm already writing this! How is our baby girl 2 weeks old already? (Coming up 3 weeks in fact!) I know people say to appreciate every moment because time flies when you have a baby but this is just ridiculous!

To summarise, you are pretty much the perfect baby! I don't even think I'm biased, everybody seems to say it. I mean obviously we don't have anything to compare you to and we're all new at this together but so far things are going very very well *touch wood*.

We got off to a rocky start but that was what we always expected. We brought you home and for the first two nights you barely slept a wink. You would sleep anywhere and everywhere like an angel in the day but during the night you absolutely hated your crib and would only sleep on me or daddy having cuddles. We didn't mind though - we're so absolutely besotted and in love with you that cuddling all night suited us just fine as well. Even if you had slept in pretty sure I wouldn't have anyway, I just wanted to stay up and watch you all night & check you were okay.
Then night three came and we realised you probably felt a bit out of your depth in your crib because it's pretty big compared to you so we started putting you in your sleeping bags with a blankie over the top and ever since you seem quite happy to go to sleep in there. 
You go down in your crib when we go to bed at around 10/11pm and then you've been sleeping right through to about 3/4/5am when you'll wake up once for some milk but that's it. DREAM-BOAT!!! Then you settle down quite happy again and sleep until around 8am when you'll get in bed with us for cuddles and morning milk and we tend to laze around until about 10 when we'll finally get up and dressed. You don't really cry when you wake up in the night either, you just sort of babble to yourself which wakes me and then I usually get your bottle to you before you've worked yourself up to actual crying.
I know we are so so lucky and I'm not expecting things to stay like this forever but for the moment you seem to have got yourself in a little routine & it's working for us all.
In the daytime you're starting to sleep less and less and will stay awake for 2-3hrs at a time now which is lovely. 

You LOVE your milk and are a proper little piggy! For the first few days when we came home you were drinking 2oz every 3-4hours but very quickly you decided this wasn't enough and moved onto 4oz every 4hrs. You're not fussy, you'll drink your milk however it comes hot, cold, powdered, ready made, in your starter pack bottles, in your regular bottles...anything which is obviously great for us.
You usually guzzle your 4oz down no problem but occasionally you won't want it all & will finish the rest a little while later.
You're having Cow & Gate milk & Tommee Tippee bottles and seem to have taken to both really well. You're rarely sick and if you are it tends to only be a teeny bit. Your feeds nearly always stay down. You don't really suffer with wind and burp and fart like a trooper! We don't even have to wind you during feeds really, you just bring it up on your own which is so funny sometimes.

You were 8lb 9oz when you were born and obviously most babies lose some weight first of all before putting it back on again...not you! You were allowed to lose 10% of your birth weight so around 13oz, you only lost 1oz! It's obviously where you love your milk so much but the midwife was over the moon with you! You went down to 8lb 7.5oz when you were weighed at 5 days old and when the health visitor weighed you last week at 12 days old you've gone up to 9lb already! I can't believe it, Mummy's little chunk!

Already in just two weeks you've changed so much. You look like a completely different baby! The marks on your head and neck from the forceps are long gone and you don't look all swollen anymore. Your hair is growing so quick already and is quite long on top & tufty curls at the back - so cute!
You are much more alert already and always looking around being nosy. Since day 1 have been constantly trying to lift your head. Your neck muscles are very strong for a newborn.
I'm sure you smile. Only occasionally but it's definite smiles. I know people say it's impossible this young and sure to be wind but as I said you don't really suffer with wind and I can tell it's real smiles! If we stick our tongue out at you, you copy which is so cute! 
Your belly button/umbilical cord fell off at 11days old. So gross but so emosh at the same time! Haha (yes I'm that mum who's kept the clamp!)

At the moment you still fit comfortably into all your newborn clothes and size 1 nappies. Although these are supposed to be up to 10/11lbs so I'm not sure they'll be fitting you for much longer. You've worn a couple of 0-3 months vests and they're definitely a little big but don't look too ridiculous. I'm so happy that you actually got to wear all the newborn clothes. When I went overdue I was slightly worried you'd be a giant 12lb baby and they would all go to waste!

I think I could actually go on forever talking about every little detail so I'll stop myself here. I'm sure time will fly by again & I'll be writing a 1 month update before we know it *sniff sniff*.


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