Thursday, 26 November 2015

3 month baby update

Currently snoozing away on me, our baby girl will be 3 months old in the morning (probably by the time this goes live) and I can't quite believe what a little person she has become. Our squishy newborn is long long gone!

You're still sleeping absolutely perfectly and we still can't quite believe it! I'm constantly pinching myself and expecting to wake up to the sleepless nights that everybody warns you about because *touch wood* we still have no idea what they are like. I honestly know how lucky we are and I'm totally expecting you to be a nightmare teething and as a toddler but for the time being it's amazing!
You tend to either go 7pm to around 7am or sometimes you haven't been settling as well in the evening, will stay up with us until we go to bed and will go 10/11pm to 8/9am which is a lovely lie in.
When you wake up in the morning you'll only be awake for an hour or so before you're first nap of the day. This is always the longest, sometimes 3 or 4 hours!

At the moment you're drinking 7oz bottles, very occasionally you might finish an 8oz but usually if we try that you leave some. Depending on your naps - and sometimes not waking up in time for a feed - you usually go about 3 or 4 hours between feeds so have 4 - 5 a day.

We actually went to baby clinic to be weighed this morning because I'm keen to keep up with the stats in your baby book :) and you're 13lb 2oz BUT you've dropped down a centile from the 75th since you were born to the 50th so you're bang on average for your age.

You change so much every single day! At the moment you love to chat and smile all the time. As soon as anybody pays you any attention you won't stop smiling and squeal with delight. You're generally a really really chilled out baby and rarely cry unless you're in pain with wind which luckily doesn't happen too often.
You have giggled a couple of times but I don't think it's because you found anything in particular funny it's just one of the noises you've discovered you can make and did it randomly. I can't wait until you laugh properly!
Literally the last couple of days you're constantly trying to pull yourself upright into a sitting position, you don't like lying down at all! It's so funny, it looks like you're trying to do little sit-ups.
We've also started swimming lessons, we've only been to two so far but you seem to be enjoying it which is so sweet.
We've also put you in the big girl bit of your pram which you love because you can look around at everyone and be nosy. We don't use your carrycot on the pram at all anymore, only for the occasional nap during the day in the living room.

You're definitely in 0-3month clothes now, all the newborn stuff is well and truly packed away :( in fact a few 0-3 bits are pretty snug already but some are equally massive. I think it must depend on the shops sizing like adult clothes do. I'm worrying all your Christmas outfits won't fit because I got them in 0-3, it going to be one of those awkward stages where you're in between sizes.
Still in size 2 nappies with lots of room to spare and size 2-3 swim nappies with even more room to spare!!


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