Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bump update - 23 weeks

I feel like Squishy must be having a growth spurt this week. I'm definitely much more aware of her in my tummy now but my bump doesn't seem to be growing drastically so she must be getting more cramped in there surely. I'm starting to notice the extra effort required in lugging a baby bump around, I keep forgetting that I'm a little slower than I used to be and finding myself running late for everything or getting out of breath easily

What have we been up to?
This week G started his new job so that's all been very exciting for him! I've been suffering quite badly with the gallstones again so haven't done an awful lot but I managed to catchup with the girls and all their gorgeous babies in the park one morning which was lovely.
This week I am love love loving coconut water! Can't get enough of the stuff. I've also been really fancying ice lollies/ice creams - any type I'm not fussy - and popcorn.
Gallstone pain is still my only real symptom which isn't even really a pregnancy once is it? haha I think it's just made worse by pregnancy and apparently the bigger Squishy gets the more I'm going to suffer so I'm not expecting it to ease off anytime soon unfortunately. I've definitely been feeling bigger this week and heavier. It's more difficult getting up off the sofa and walking for long periods of time, I'm definitely tiring more quickly.
Squishy however is going crazy in my belly now. Sometime I can properly see my tummy jerking around from the outside which is bizarre and amazing at the same time! Somehow G always manages to miss it, Squish will do a huge almighty kick and I'll say "quick come over here and feel" and then she stops altogether - typical!
I've been worrying a lot about money this week and stressing quite a lot which isn't fun. I'm really trying not to because I know it's not good for the baby but I'm finding it really hard. I'm naturally a major worrier!
Baby's gender
Still a little girly - I had a re-scan of our 20 week scan and the sonographer confirmed Squishy is definitely still a girl
As you may remember me mentioning Squishy did not co-operate at all in our 20 week scan and is firmly stuck on her belly so unfortunately we couldn't get all the checks and measurements done that we needed to. However that meant I got to go back for another scan this week which I'm never going to complain about, it's so lovely seeing our little lady on the screen. This week she was still in the breach position, which they've said is nothing to worry about just yet but it made it tricky again for the sonographer to get a good look at her heart. With G having a mild heart murmur I think this is something they were particularly keen to keep an eye on (hence us going back) but luckily they got everything they needed and Squishy is perfectly healthy! At the moment she's looking pretty average in all of her measurements apart from the diameter of her belly which for some crazy reason is huge!! haha lets hope she doesn't take after her mumma in that department! She is weighing 1lb 5oz at the moment and the sonographer was really happy with everything.
We actually look like serious shop-a-holics when I always have something to put in this section but this week we picked up a few more bits. We've somehow ended up with over 20 Tommee Tippee feeding bottles - a little excessive for even me! So I took a pack back to Boots and exchanged for some more glamorous items: Breast pads, Maternity pads, Disposable Knickers, Cotton Wool, Sudocream and a starter set of Aptamil milk which we plan to take to the hospital with us.
I also picked up these really cute under the sea toys from Mothercare which I've had my eyes on for ages along with the playmat. I was devastated to find out they were discontinuing this particular range so when I came across these cuties reduced I couldn't resist.
I was over the moon when I found the baby ocean playmat pretty cheap and brand new on eBay because as I mentioned Mothercare have just discontinued it right before we wanted to purchase. And last but not least I also picked up a couple of cute Minnie Mouse baby sleeping bags
I think that's about all for this week. If you're enjoying our pregnancy updates I'd love you to follow our story either here or on Bloglovin'
Are you around the 23 week mark? I'd love to hear from fellow August mummy-to-be's

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