Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bump update - 24 weeks


This week bump has definitely grown! It's becoming much rounder and obvious through my clothing whereas before I had to really breathe out and relax to show it off. 

What have we been up to?

This week we had a good sort out around the house. We've finally got round to doing some more DIY and out up a shelf and curtain rail in Squishy's nursery so everything is starting to come together a bit more. We also took a trip to Bluewater and picked up a couple of cute bits.


I'm still too scared to weigh myself! I'm actually going to make myself do it before my next update!! But I know I'm definitely feeling heavier and more awkward.
I haven't had any new cravings this week but I'm starting to miss alcohol and being able to have the odd drink. I've found myself really fancying caramel frappacino's from Starbucks but I've definitely noticed they're just not the same with decaf coffee.


Squishy's kicks have got much more intense and precise. I've seen my belly move from the outside a couple of times now which is amazing but very very weird! I've been suffering badly with gallstone attacks this week. They've been coming at least every 48hrs, if not everyday which is horrible. The pain has been making me vomit most days so I've been feeling pretty rubbish and exhausted from it all.


So so fed up with being in pain all the time and feeling so uncomfortable. Obviously it's not pregnancy related as such (although the size of the baby is making it worse now) but that almost makes me feel even more upset about it. I really feel like my pregnancy is being overshadowed and tarnished by these stupid gallstone problems. I'm at in time in my life where I should be taking it easy and enjoying being pregnant for the first time but instead I'm doubled up in pain for up to 6hrs a day. I'm a sad girl this week :(


A pink pink pink princess!!


I didn't actually have any appointments booked for this week but I did manage to sort out getting a note from the doctor so that I can work medically reduced hours because of all the gallstone pain which was a relief. The problem is I never know when the pain is going to come or how long it will last for but when it happens I literally can't move! I'm doubled up in pain, writhing around struggling to breathe until it goes away again so I'm
petrified it will happen when I'm driving and the doctor has agreed it's best for me to work as little as possible to try to eliminate the chance of that happening.

Shopping cute are these two? 

I couldn't resist when we went to Bluewater! Squishy has quite a few large cuddly toys now but I wanted to get some smaller ones that she can enjoy sooner rather than later - and be used as some photo props of course! I've had my eye on the Cath Kidston elephant for a while, I'm sure you've noticed my elephant obsession by now. She was only £6 and is super duper soft and a really gorgeous crochet knit.
Then Jellycat bunny doesn't need any explanation really does she? Just because!

I finally caved in and picked up some maternity leggings from H&M and a little maternity vest top that was in the sale. We also finally bought the pink polka dot dungarees for Squishy that I have wanted ever since we found out she was a girl. We bought them in 6-9months so hopefully she can get some good use out of them rather than them going to waste this summer.

I think that's about all for this week. If you're enjoying our pregnancy updates I'd love you to follow our story either here or on Bloglovin'
Are you around the 24 week mark? I'd love to hear from fellow August mummy-to-be's

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