Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bump update - 25/26/27 weeks

I'm really not sure where the last couple of weeks have gone but we've pretty busy here at Squishy headquarters and before I know it I've missed THREE updates! Oooopsie! To be honest things haven't changed drastically enough for me to fill three posts with updates so here they are combined...


Baby Squish has certainly popped out since my last update and is growing nicely according to my midwife. At my 25 week checkup she was measuring exactly 25 weeks which is reassuring to hear, hopefully she won't be a whopper!

G has felt loads more kicks now which is super exciting and he's even caught a glimpse of my belly jerking from the outside. So so amazing but so strange all at once!

What have we been up to?

Well...where do I start? To cut a very long story short being an air hostess my airline had told me I could spend my pregnancy grounded at home as I live a long long way from the airport and commuting everyday wouldn't be practical, but they've since gone back on this and told me I had to come to work in the office with immediate effect in order to continue getting paid so I have started this in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately because of my gallstone problems the doctor has recommended I only work a reduced number of hours each week as they only expect my pain to get worse as Squishy grows but this is being assessed regularly so we'll see how I get on.
During weeks 24 - 26 I was suffering really badly and getting pains most days but touch wood they seem to have eased off a little this last week which is a relief and a welcome break from writhing around in pain.
G has been getting in the swing of his new job and is really loving it so far which is such a relief and so nice to see. You know what they say "find a job you enjoy and you'll never work a day in your life" - 100% I agree!
On my days off I've been mostly taking it easy at home as the doctor recommended but I've been able to catchup with some friends and their kids which is always fun.


I'm actually a little concerned with my weight situation but not for the reason I expected. Throughout my pregnancy I had put on 9lbs up to this point but over the last couple of weeks I seem to have dropped down again to 193.25lbs meaning that my total weight gain is now only 0.25lb! All my pregnancy apps and my midwife are telling me that the baby should weigh at least 2lbs by this point so in fact I must have LOST weight since becoming pregnant which I was definitely not expecting this far in.
I can only think it's where my gallstone pain has been making me vomit pretty frequently but all the experts are telling me the baby will still be getting all the nutrients she needs, it's just me that will be feeling rubbish so I'm trying not to worry too much.
Cravings wise I've been eating a lot of poached eggs on toast - YUM! Seriously cannot get enough and I like having the control of cooking the eggs myself to make sure everything is cooked thoroughly and super fresh. 


The last couple of weeks I've been getting heartburn more and more so I guess if old wives tales are to be believed we've got a baby girl with some serious hair on the way! 
I'm finding it harder to get up off the sofa and out of bed in the mornings & I'm getting more restless in the night now and find myself tossing & turning to get comfy.
Also I definitely definitely need to pee more often - sorry TMI I know - just in the daytime at the moment, thankfully it hasn't started waking me up just yet.
Movement have increased both in frequency and strength crazy amounts the last few weeks. Squishy is definitely getting herself into a little routine, I get a lot of movement first thing in the morning, about 1-2pm, 8-9pm and then last thing at night as I relax in bed. Touch wood she's not at the stage where the kicks wake me up in the night yet but I'm sure it won't be long.


Excited to meet our baby girl and super impatient already!!




I had my 25 week checkup with my midwife which was all fine. Squishy's heartbeat is strong, she is a good size for this stage of pregnancy and moving well so generally Karen (my midwife) was happy with everything. To be honest, touchwood as everything is going smoothly so far pregnancy wise most of my appointments are spent discussing gallstone issues which unfortunately they can't do much about. I'm waiting for another referral to see a surgeon and hopefully I'll be able to get a surgery date sorted to have my gallbladder removed once Squishy has arrived.


Far far too many things to mention in this already crazy long post!! I definitely need to get cracking with these haul posts.
Probably most exciting we ordered and put together Squishy's big girl cotbed which I love love love!!!

We went for this Winnie the Pooh themed cotbed in the end from Obaby. It has Winnie carved into the ends which is such a cute touch, has three mattress heights, teething rails and most importantly converts into a big girl bed so it will be suitable until Squishy is 4 so will hopefully save us some money in the long term.

Wow - sorry this turned into such a mammoth post. I promise to keep the updates more regular, short and sweet in future.

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