Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bump update - 37 weeks


FULL TERM.....we're actually finally FULL TERM! I honestly never thought we'd get to this point. The whole way through my pregnancy this has been the milestone that I was the most anxious to meet and most excited for. If Squishy was to arrive anytime from now onwards she most probably wouldn't need any extra medical assistance. The theory is she is all cooked now and just gaining weight for the remaining time in my tummy! Eeeeek! She officially wouldn't be considered a premature baby anymore which is obviously an amazing relief and I definitely feel like we can relax a little now.

What have we been up to?

This week we've had a visit from the health visitor, another trip to the hospital - resulting in an unexpected overnight stay, hopefully dinner with our friends Lloyd & Gemma tonight (if I ever make it home from the hospital), hopefully we're going to squeeze in a spot of car shopping AND a haircut for Marley so all in all a pretty busy week for us.


I'm seriously upset even writing this down but my weight is currently fifteen stone and one pound! Fifteen!!!! Good god that is seriously depressing! I've actually lost a pound since I last weighed myself so my total weight gain is 18lbs now.
I reeeeallly craved a McDonalds one day so let myself have that and be a bit naughty - yet I wonder why I'm weighing over fifteen stone! Need . To . Get . A . Grip!!!!
I discovered their new Chocolate Chip Ice Frappe drink which is a-ma-ZING and I'm sure I'm going to be drinking lots more of these over the next few weeks!


This week I've been having serious blood pressure issues which they've finally given me medication for. I think I might do another separate post on my overnight stay in hospital and just how dangerous high blood pressure (hypertension) can be during pregnancy because it's important to be aware of it. 
I'm feeling constantly like I have an upset belly & toilet movements aren't very fun - sorry TMI I know. 
On Monday I had a really funny turn. I was feeling crazy hot, all flustered and light headed and had to run out of Pets at Home to throw up everywhere - not my finest moment! If it had carried on for long I would have rung triage and gone in the be looked at but luckily I felt fine again pretty quickly.
Movements have definitely picked up again which I'm grateful for because now I'm having other problems it's the one thing keeping me reassured that Squishy is definitely okay in there.


All over the place to be honest. I constantly have a TONNE of different emotions going on in my head. Excited, scared, nervous, anxious, so crazy happy. My brains on its own little rollercoaster ride I tell you! When they first mentioned keeping me in hospital overnight I was really scared but I've definitely come to realise it's the best place to be and if they think it's necessary it must be. Keeping Squishy safe is the main thing and if they end up inducing me which has been mentioned it won't be a bad thing.




I came back to the hospital on Friday to have my blood pressure and urine checked again. It had gone up yet again and there was a trace of protein in my urine so they decided it was best to keep me overnight.
All is okay and I'm actually just sitting here waiting to be discharged now. Squishy is perfectly happy, moving like normal and at no stage has shown any signs of stress which I am so happy about. My bloods and urine are normal and not showing any trace of protein so they don't think pre eclampsia is developing at this stage but my blood pressure is still too high and I've been put on medication to keep it under control. I now have to have it checked at least once a week (next midwife appointment is Tuesday 37+6) and if it continues to rise even with the medication then they will look to induce me. So possibly Squishy might make an appearance sooner than we were expecting!

Update: I went for my midwife appointment yesterday (37 + 6) and my blood pressure medication is working well and keeping it down where it should be which is amazing news. I've never been so happy to get to go home again after an appointment rather than being sent to the hospital for more tests which has happened at my last 4 appointments.


Today was payday - hopefully the last one before Squish is with us so I ordered a couple of last minute bits. A nursing pillow, baby milestone cards (essential for photos obvs!), raspberry leaf tea capsules to hopefully get things moving soon, some clips for the pram so I can hang shopping bags off the handle bars, some wall brackets to strengthen the shelves in her nursery and this adorable little plaque/sign for her room...

I also want to get my hands on a similar one saying "Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice, That's what little girls are made of" but I can't remember where I saw it and haven't come across one since!
Boring but I also picked up some Infacol when I was at the supermarket today. Not that I'm wishing for a colicky baby of course but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have some in the house and be prepared just in case - plus it was on offer and cheap.

Labour signs?

Again I've been having lots and lots of pretty constant period pain in my back. Lots of lightning pains down below, it really does feel like Squishy is just going to fall out when I stand up sometimes. Hot water bottles are helping but I feel pretty rotten.

Are you around the 37 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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  1. Oh sweets! Sorry to hear that you've been struggling this really does take it out of you physically and then mentally with all the worrying that goes with it. Hope that you are managing to get some rest this weekend. Don't worry about the weight long as you're looking after yourself and baby then you can worry about that after they've arrived safely. I'm gluten free and have gestational diabetes so I would kill for a Mc D's right enjoy it whilst you can that's what I say! Good luck hun...and remember to rest! xx

    1. Ah thanks lovely! It's definitely all the worrying that gets me, I was a crazy worrier before I was pregnant & now it just seems to have hit new levels!! Oooops!
      Oh bless you, the gestational diabetes must be horrid to deal with :( have your midwives been helpful with it? xoxo