Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pawsomebox Review

A couple of months ago I came across the Pawsomebox online. It is basically a monthly subscription box...think Glossybox, Birchbox...but for your pets!
The Pawsomebox is created with dogs and puppies in mind and the Puuurfectbox is for cats or kittens. You simply sign up to the subscription service and each month your pet receives a box full of goodies in the post. Each box contains 5 or 6 items specially suited to your pets age and size worth over £30.

Marley is our King Charles spaniel puppy...well I say puppy, he'll be 2 in December but definitely still acts like a puppy. He literally sees this box come through from the postman in the morning and gets SO excited! It's near on impossible to get a photo of him with the products in tact because he wants to get his nose into everything and try all his new treats.

This months box was the July "Hello Summer" box and Marley got 6 items.

- multi vitamin dog paste
- a Georplast bone toy
- a travel pop-up bowl
- a Petbland cuddly plush toy
- crunchy chicken treats
- Mutt & Jeff treats

To be honest none of those are brands I am familiar with but we love every single product and will be using them all the time. I think the variety of different items in each box is good and there's plenty to keep Marley entertained and out of trouble for a little while at least!

We actually managed to take advantage of a free trial period that Pawsome were offering back in May meaning that our first box was free to try and we only paid £2.95 postage so without a doubt we got a bargain! We did however have some problems with the postage and our box took much longer to reach us than it should have resulting in the lovely people at Pawsome gifting us another box for free....but sadly again this one went awol in the post and took a long time and me chasing it up to reach us which is a shame.

Monthly subscription to the Pawsomebox is £19.90, but if you commit for a longer period of time you get discounts. I do definitely think the products that you receive each month are worth the amount you pay and I think we will look into signing Marley up in the future but unfortunately, along with many other things, we just can't justify an extra expense while I'm on maternity at the moment.

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Do you have any pets? I'd love to hear all about them and see some cute pictures

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