Tuesday, 18 August 2015

5 things I love about being pregnant

Something a little bit different today but I thought it would be nice to look back and remember that overall I've actually had a lovely, smooth, enjoyable pregnancy because now I've reached this fed up/aches and pains stage it's definitely getting harder to remember that.

1. Showing off my belly
As somebody who has always been super conscious of my weight and carried far more extra pounds around my belly than I should, it's been so refreshing and made such a nice change feeling confident with my body.
I normally spend my whole life hiding my tummy behind baggy clothes (it's definitely my problem area) so it's been really nice not to worry about it for a change and to wear tight fitting things to show off my belly for a change.

2. Eating what I like....within reason
Again because I was overweight pre-pregnancy I try to be quite conscious of what I eat and definitely feel guilty if I'm too naughty. It has been nice to relax and eat whatever I like, within reason of course. I definitely found myself fancying naughty sweet foods, chocolate, ice cream, popcorn while I've been pregnant and I've just enjoyed letting myself have what I fancy. I haven't gone crazy and definitely haven't been eating for two, as such but I haven't worried about it which has been nice.
I'm trying not to obsess over it too much but with two weeks to go I have gained 18lbs total which I don't think is too bad. I always said if I could gain between a stone and a stone & a half throughout my pregnancy I would be happy and it looks like I'll go a teeny bit over but I'm happy with that.

3. Hearing Squishy's heartbeat & seeing her at ultrasounds 
There's just no words to explain how amazing this is! The first time is definitely bizarre & im still not sure I fully make the connection between what we can see & hear actually being inside me but it's incredible all the same. Plus it's lovely to have reassurance that everything is okay because a lot of the time, especially early on before you can feel any movements, you really have no idea what's going on in there.

4. Baby shopping
For sure one of the things I have enjoyed the most! I've always enjoyed buying baby things anyway, obviously for friends and family in the past with Squishy being our first, but it's definitely all that more exciting when you're buying for your own baby - especially the first one!! There's something about little things, all so cute and small, I actually can't resist! I've physically had to stop myself looking in the shops anymore because I just want to buy everything! It's doesn't matter if we need it (or have the money for it for that matter!), if it's cute I must buy it! 
O U T  O F  C O N T R O L

5. Feeling Squishy in my tummy
Now I've definitely had a love/hate relationship with this aspect of pregnancy but I think overall I am going to miss feeling Squishy move in my belly. I definitely look back on the last 20 weeks of baby movements with more fond memories than moments where I was grossed out. You can read my previous thoughts on the little alien in my belly here!
Occasionally and around the time I wrote that post I was feeling gigantic movements across my stomach which I can only assume was Squishy actually fully turning 180 degrees around and it definitely did freak me out. I'm quite small and the whole way through my pregnancy there hasn't really been much room anywhere torso wise. From very early on Squishy has been wedged with her head engaged and very low and her feet right up & stretched out under my left ribs and she literally can't move! There's nowhere for her to go and as she's grown the movements have obviously had to change accordingly.
Even though Squishy is at her biggest now, the size of a watermelon & possibly already weighing 7-8lbs we're back to small ish movements, flutters and kicks because she is so restricted for space. All of which I love feeling! 
She wiggles away and I like to give her a rub or her daddy pats away & we talk to her all the time. Those are the moments I'll miss.....the alien ones, not so much!

What have you enjoyed about being pregnant? I'd love to hear from you

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