Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bump update - 39 weeks


I don't think bump's grown anymore but my belly has been super itchy & come up in a little rash the last few days so my skin must still be stretching. Squishy has dropped slightly which is making life more comfortable for me but not enough to make us think she's on her way anytime soon.

What have we been up to?

This week has mostly consisted of waiting around for a baby to arrive...which is just as soul destroying as watching & waiting for the kettle to boil! G has been busy with work which means I've been busy on my own at home. Me & Marley hid from the thunderstorms one day and spent the next day running errands like a crazy person & rushing around in the hot weather so it really has been a random week.
We've been playing along with all the olds wives tales this week, I'm sure they are doing absolutely nothing but it doesn't hurt to try right? I've had lots of pineapple (both fruit & juice), a much hotter than usual for me curry, raspberry leaf tea and capsules, long walks, bouncing on my birthing ball etc.. but nothing seems to be getting this girl moving - she's clearly very comfy!


More ice cream - would you expect anything else by this point?


Nothing new to report at this late stage really. I know I'm lucky to only have a few, not very bad, stretchmarks but they've definitely been getting worse and more have been coming.
My belly button has officially definitely gone which is so weird!! I'm really hoping it comes back again soon.


Crazy impatient!!!! It feels like everybody around me is having their baby before me which is making me sad :( everybody I know seems to know someone who's had their baby this week - and why they feel the need to keep telling me I have no idea!!
I know my friends and family all mean well but it is driving me absolutely up the wall being asked "is she here yet?" 30x a day. Do they really think it's likely that I've had the baby and just forgotten to mention it? Seriously annoying!!
I'm in a lot of pain with my poorly tooth that needs to come out but the dentist won't do it until after Squishy is here now so that's really getting me down. I'm up most of the night, most nights in a LOT of pain which isn't fun at all! They've given me two different types of antibiotics now but nothing seems to be helping the pain at all and paracetamol doesn't even touch the sides. So frustrating because I've been so lucky and baby hasn't disrupted my sleep at all - typical that I'm suffering with something else instead!



I've just seen Karen this morning (39+6) and still no sign of Squishy :( my blood pressure has gone up again slightly which is a little concerning but she was happy that I didn't need to be rushed to the hospital this time as I don't have any other pre eclampsia symptoms. I need to get checked again on Thursday (40+1) and if it's high again then they will send me in for more tests. If nothing's happening by then the midwife on Thursday should be able to do a sweep for me, if not that will definitely be next Tuesday. To be honest I've not heard great things about a sweep, I know it's meant to hurt and obviously isn't even proven to work but I'm open to try anything at this point.


One of my lovely friends who missed my baby shower popped in some lovely gifts for us over the weekend. Some little outfits in size 12-18months, which as ridiculous as it sounds are so appreciated because we have so many small clothes now. That an experienced mummy for you!! Haha

Labour signs?

I think my plug/bloody show has definitely been leaking slowly this week. I was expecting a big blobby mess but seem to just be getting a trickle every time I go to the toilet.
I've had a few sharp twinges/pains a couple of times, enough to make me sit up & take notice but nothing that's continued or got worse so sadly doesn't seem like labour is happening anytime soon!

I'd really love this to be my last bump update but we'll see! Are you around the 39 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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