Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Bump update - 40 weeks


I can't believe I'm actually writing my 40 week update! I really never thought I'd be getting to this point without Squishy making an appearance & neither did my midwife apparently! Look at the size of the MASSIVE bump....ridiculous! How is she still growing in there? I'm sure we're going to have a 12lb chunk on our hands at this rate.

What have we been up to?

My nan & grandad came up to see us & treated us to a fish & chip lunch which was lovely. I probably hadn't seen them for 6 weeks or so (even longer for G) so it was nice to squeeze a catchup in before baby arrives & everything gets all kinds of crazy!
We spent Saturday at my mum & dads house sunbathing in the garden which is always nice. We had a BBQ & Marley was thoroughly spoilt with food & running around in their big garden which he loves. It's strange thinking that might be the last time we visit my parents as the "three of us" before Squishy arrives. They do only live 5 minutes drive up the road so to be fair if she takes much longer to come it probably won't be the last time I see them at all - I'm quite prone to popping round there for dinner when G is working to save me cooking for 1, especially feeling sorry for myself like I am at the moment.


I had been craving fish & chips so badly for weeks & weeks of my pregnancy but for some reason we never got round to getting it - so that was much appreciated. I'm just starving all the time at the moment and definitely snacking little and often.


Heartburn seems to be coming back which can't be a good thing - i thought it had eased off because Squishy had dropped so we certainly don't want her moving back up again!


Actually surprisingly okay. Don't get me wrong I'm impatient now and can't wait to meet our girl but I'm not as moody as the last couple of weeks. I still feel a little harassed and like I want to hibernate from everybody until she arrives but I know it's just because people care and are excited to meet her.




40+1: I saw the midwife this afternoon and my blood pressure is still too high considering I'm on medication to control it now so I need to go to the hospital tomorrow morning to be checked again.

40+2: Off to the hospital we went bright & early and of course my blood pressure was fine today. We had a really lovely midwife sit with us and talk us through all the options and what would happen now. Essentially that a doctor would weigh up whether the random peaks in blood pressure that I keep having, toothache & gallstones warrant it being worth inducing Squishy now and are more pressing over the risks of an induced labour. It's basically been decided that at this stage they won't be rushing me in for an induction - which is fine by me. As impatient as we are to meet our baby girl now a maximum of 10 more days before I have to be induced really isn't going to make a difference, we've waited this long - I can do 10 more days! I'm not keen to be induced as I know contractions will be forced therefore more painful & there's more chance of needing an emergency c-section or assisted delivery, all of which can complicate further pregnancies down the line (not that we're planning that far ahead!) and I know it's for the best to let my body go into labour naturally...if it's ever going to happen!
The midwife at the hospital did attempt a sweep but failed because the opening to my cervix isn't quite where it should be yet so it doesn't look like my body's going to be doing anything naturally just yet unfortunately. She did say Squishy's head is ridiculously low so that's a really good sign.

40+6: Had another midwife appointment and she managed a successful sweep today. Everything is as it should be, cervix has thinned right out, is looking favourable and my body is definitely preparing for labour which is all good news. I feel very delicate and manhandled now so am just sitting watching telly & taking it easy this evening. Fingers crossed something will start happening over the next 48hrs or so!


Nothing new for bubba - she is well and truly kitted out for life I think. G's mum bought me these gorgeous flowers on my due date to cheer me up which I thought was the sweetest thing!

Labour signs?

For the rest of the day since the midwife at the hospital attempted a sweep I have got more aches, pains & my bump feels more tense....next day all signs gone!
Since my second successful sweep I feel really really delicate. My stomach muscles feel like I've done 8000 sit-ups & I've got constant period pains - fingers crossed this is the start of something.
Plus I had more show this morning so that's got to be good right?

Are you around the 40 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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