Monday, 15 June 2015

Squishy Haul #2

I've had this post saved in my drafts for absolutely ages and for some reason never seem to have got round to posting it!
Since we found out we are expecting a little girl naturally we (and everybody else for that matter) seem to have gone crazy overboard on the pink shopping! Don't get me wrong absolutely nothing pleases me more than picking out gorgeous little frilly pink bits - I am such a girly girl - but you know what, I think a couple of my favourite baby bits are actually some of the first unisex/neutral stuff we bought before we knew the sex.

These top three pictures are all from Baby Gap and I adore them all! To be honest Baby Gap isn't somewhere I imagined myself to be shopping for a baby. I always had the impression, wrongly I'd like to add, that it was pretty pricey and not great quality but I honestly couldn't be more surprised.

This all in one sleepsuit complete with feet is probably my all time favourite outfit we have bought for Squishy so far. It is so so soft and really thick so feels like it will be great quality. Stupidly I bought it in 0-3 months so although hopefully it will last a good while, unfortunately we probably won't be able to use it as a coming home outfit - unless bubba is a whopper of course! (Not that I'm wishing for that!)
It was £16 but I happened to go shopping on a 20% off sale day so it only cost me £12.80 which I think was really reasonable.

These next two baby vests are also Baby Gap. The dreamer one is newborn size, has slightly shorter sleeves and is thinner - my thinking being that we might have some nice weather around Squishy's due date. The second one is size 0-3 months, has slightly longer sleeves and is a slightly thicker warmer material. How cute is the text? "I go where mum goes" I just couldn't resist.
Both the vests were £8 each but again in the sale so I paid £6.40 which I was really pleased with.

This gorgeous little sleepsuit was a gift from one of G's sisters and we absolutely love it. I love anything sentimental so a babygro saying "Born in 2015" was always going to be a winner in my eyes and is something we will be putting in Squishy's special keepsake box once she's done with it for sure.
I'm not sure on the price but it was from Next so I assume around £8-12, as they are usually pretty reasonable.

Coming soon.....Pink Haul # 1

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