Friday, 12 June 2015

Our little alien...

Since entering the third and final trimester of my pregnancy I have noticed one main change - Squishy is SO SO CRAZY ACTIVE!!! So I thought I'd pop all the details into a little blog post dedicated to her movements so I don't forget a thing!

(Image: Google - because of course when you try to photograph or video your own belly the baby stops IMMEDIATELY)

I've been feeling regular movements since I was 19 weeks - so for a good 10-11 weeks now - but these last couple of weeks they have just turned into something else! At least once or twice a day I can sit and watch my belly moving around, just like there's a little alien inside. Squishy seems to react really well to any touch from the outside so anytime I give her a prod or rest something on my belly she tries to boot it away again. She's actually doing it right now as I'm resting my phone on my belly while I type! Not to mention our poor puppy Marley who keeps getting his head bashed in every time he rests on my belly which he definitely seems to like doing more often now - I'm sure he can tell there's a baby in there.

I'm just coming up 31 weeks pregnant and over the last two or three weeks the movements have got so much stronger and more frequent. It really does feel like Squishy is wriggling around for most of the day now, I don't get much of a rest. When a big one catches me unaware it easily takes my breath away. 
I feel like the worst mummy-to-be in the world saying this out loud but am I the only person in the world who doesn't like the feeling of their baby moving around? It is so forced upon us & quoted everywhere you turn that feeling your baby move inside you is the most "incredible feeling in the world", "magical", "amazing", "best thing ever" ever mentions not liking it? Now the movements are that much stronger and without a doubt more noticeable it literally does make my tummy churn and makes me feel really sick. Don't think for a minute that I'm not appreciative of the incredible work my body is doing to grow our baby girl and I know we are so so lucky to be having a healthy pregnancy so far but does that mean I have to love every aspect that comes with it? I feel so awful even thinking like this! Is it normal to feel like this? 
I was okay up until a couple of weeks ago when the movements were still mostly kicks and I truly was loving feeling our little girl kicking out. It also helped my anxiety so much because until I could feel Squishy regularly I would convince myself that something must be wrong. Since the "alien movements" (as we like to call them) have started I just feel nothing but sick & icky at the sight of my belly. We can now clearly see my whole tummy move from the outside in great big waves so I assume it's bigger movements where Squishy is changing position or doing somersaults, rather than little hands & feet kicking out in a certain spot.

I'd love to hear from any other mummies who felt like this in the third trimester? Should I be expecting it to get better or worse as Squishy runs out of room - I'm not sure? Am I the worst human being ever? I love our little Squish-a-belle so much and she's not even here yet I just wish these movements wouldn't make me feel so nauseous & make my skin crawl! :(



  1. Don't worry, I feel the same! The cute little kicks I can deal with, the big boots in the ribs/groin/anywhere that catches me off guard really make me wince. I'm sure I'll miss it and also feel horrible whenever I think ah please stop as it's a reassuring sign. I feel my baby constantly though which is good I think! I'll be 31 weeks on Tuesday :)

    Paula ♥ | xo

    1. haha honestly you make me feel SO much better knowing i'm not the only one!
      not long now hun :) bet you're on the countdown like me xoxo