Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bump update - 30 weeks


The bump seems to have stayed the same size since last week...pretty large! I've gone from having everybody tell me I really didn't have much of a bump to saying I definitely look pregnant now. Which I think is the polite way of saying I'm massive! Haha I still don't feel like I've put on much weight anywhere else, it is all bump and I'm still wearing practically all of my normal pre-pregnancy clothes which is nice.

What have we been up to?

Not an awful lot to be honest! Since getting back from holiday we've just been catching up on housework and catching up with friends. It was my 27th birthday on Sunday (how on earth am I 27!!! I feel like it was yesterday I was turning 18) but we didnt really have a lot of money to celebrate properly so we just had a quiet weekend. Luckily G was off work so I had some company at least & we went to my mum & dad's for a Sunday roast but I can confirm sober birthdays when you're 30 weeks pregnant definitely aren't as fun as a normal year! I've been catching up with some of my girlfriends and went out for some (non-alcoholic of course) birthday drinks with my best friend Sarah.


I'm trying not to focus on my weight too much after last weeks bombshell so I'll report back on that next week & I haven't had any new cravings this week that I can think of? I've been enjoying lots of birthday chocolate but that's nothing new!


Heartburn is still going with a vengeance. It seems to be last thing at night when I lie down to go to sleep, or when I'm lying down in general. I've also been suffering with some random sickness & feeling light headed which isn't fun. I read somewhere that this can be from sleeping on your back/lying on your back for too long so I'm making a conscious effort to stay on my side more now and it's definitely helping.
I've also been feeling so so so hot all through the night. One night I had to come down & sleep on the sofa just because I couldn't get comfy at all. I think I'm driving G mad, all the windows in our house are wiiiide open and I'm wandering round in the teeniest clothes ever - God help me as it gets warmer, it's not even that hot yet!


I felt a bit down this week around my birthday. I was upset that we're struggling for money and couldn't really do anything at all to mark my last birthday before we are parents and inevitably everything will be different this time next year. I've also been finding it hard that I can't run around in the park with the puppy anymore. When we go for our daily walk little Marley is so excited and always jumping up wanting me to play & run around like a nutter with him and unfortunately I just can't do that at the moment and it makes me sad!


Little princess still!


No appointments this week but I finally managed to get hold of the children's centre where I see my midwife and book my 33 week checkup in. I've been umming and aahing some more about getting a 4D scan done. I really really really want one because I am desperate to see Squishy's little face and her little features. Plus I think the pictures and DVD are a priceless keepsake. But we really can't afford it at the moment and we're quickly approaching the 32 week mark where the baby will be too big to see much at all so we need to make w decision pretty quickly. Is it just a waste of money? I'm really struggling to decide!


No new shopping at all this week. I did forget to mention last week while we were in Corsica my nan & mum appeared with this cute little rag doll for Squishy - we've named her Zoe! Here she is strapped in on the's first dolly, so cute!

Are you around the 30 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
Would you recommend a 4D baby scan? I'd love to hear people's thoughts!
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