Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bump update - 31 weeks


Bump isn't feeling too bad this week. I don't think it's grown massively and I'm getting kind of used to it now.

When I roll over at night bump definitely feels heavier & I can feel the shift in weight as I change sides. Maxi dresses & havaianas have been my best friend now the weather is warming up so I'm hoping they will see me through until my due date now.

What have we been up to?

This weekend I actually went away to Liverpool for my best friend Sophie's hen do. I'm going to do some separate posts about it but I had such a good time and am so pleased I went. Ever since finding out I was pregnant it was at the back of my mind worrying that I might not be feeling up to it but everything was fine. While I was away G has had a nasty sick bug so has been off work for a few days - luckily I seem to have missed it so far!


After avoiding my favourite drink - Pink Lemonade Lucozade - for my entiiiiire pregnancy so far I gave in to the cravings & picked one up for the train home from Liverpool. Well I think I managed about 2 sips before Squishy lost her head & began what felt like a week long rave in my belly so I gave up and didn't drink it all! Safe to say assuming the caffeine in Lucozade would be too much for baby was right! Haha


I woke up a little bit worried this morning (31+1) because Squishy hasn't been moving like she normally does :( I've been up for over an hour now and have had some sugary cereal and cold milk and she's wiggling around just fine thank god but I hate the anxious feeling wondering whether to go to the hospital to be checked, waiting for her to move. We also discovered last night that Squishy makes really funny shapes in my belly when I'm in the bath! It's almost like all the extra skin & flab around my tummy tenses up and moves out the way leaving just a pure teeny baby shape right in the centre of my tummy & we can really make out the shape of Squishy! Eeeeek!


Generally I'm feeling pretty good, certainly more tired now - both in the evenings and after doing anything particularly energetic. I've realised the last few days that I think I'm actually less emotional than before I was pregnant. Usually I am an absolute emotional wreck who cries at the teensiest things but that seems to have got better since I've been pregnant and I definitely cry less! Haha


Little girl!!


I haven't had anything this week but I've got my 32 week ultrasound and consultant appointment in a couple of days. As my BMI was high before falling pregnant they just do an extra scan to make sure that the baby isn't growing too big too soon but so far she's been spot on her measurements every time I've seen Karen so hopefully she'll be fine. We can wait to see her on the screen again anyway!


Nothing new this week - the shopping seems to have finally calmed down!

Are you around the 31 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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