Monday, 8 June 2015

Bump update - 28 & 29 weeks


The bump seems to be forever growing these days. I definitely feel like in some outfits I look quite neat and have a cute, round, definite baby bump and then in others I just feel like a porker who has put on weight.
The photos below were taken the only 2 days apart! In the green dress I have a clear bump but round the pool I'm sure I didn't look much different in my holiday pictures this time last year....just a little podgier now!!

At my 28 week checkup Squishy was still measuring dead on 28cm so my midwife is happy with how she is doing.

What have we been up to?

This update is actually a little more exciting than usual as we jetted off on holiday to the lovely island of Corsica for a week. I'm going to do a separate blog post on our holiday & include lots of snaps for you but it was lovely to get away and get some sunshine late on in my pregnancy as we probably won't be able to afford to go away again for a while. When we got back G had a few extra days off work which was nice. We got to spend some quality time together, mostly just lazing around & catching up with housework (don't you just hate post- holiday washing!) but still I always appreciate having company as I'm getting so unbelievably bored not being able to work now! 
It was my dads birthday on the 10th so we popped over to Maidstone to buy him a couple of birthday presents and have a look around the shops.


I'm part relieved and part depressed to say I'm back weighing in at 204lbs today (although technically I'm nearly 31 weeks now I'm finally getting round to posting this update!) meaning I've put on a total of 11lbs since my initial checking in appointment.
I think our scales must have just been having a funny 5 minutes when they were telling me I'd lost all my weight a couple of weeks ago but then I did eat a lot of ice creams on holiday and touch would the gallstone pain and sickness has stopped so maybe I have just piled on the pounds in the last couple of weeks?

I've been craving a lot of white chocolate which is something I never normally eat and I'm loving cheese sandwiches with LOADS of pickle!


Heartburn is still pretty frequent, at least every other day but is getting more bearable. 
I'm starting to get more aches and pains in my lower back and down below now, I guess where everything is stretching and getting me prepared for labour. Never mind Squishy rapidly running out of room.
Movements are on a whole new level of weird and strong. I've written a whole other blog post all about "Our little Alien" which you can read here.


Pretty relaxed on a whole these last two weeks. Being on holiday was a lovely break from reality and all my usual worries. Since we've been back it's definitely sinking in that Squishy will be here pretty soon..and starting to scare me a little.




At 28 weeks I had to go to the hospital to have my glucose tolerance test to determine whether I am developing gestational diabetes due to my high BMI pre-pregnancy. Basically bloods and my sugar level were taken, I was given a pure sugar/glucose drink to down in one and then had to wait 2 hours before having my bloods taken again. I had heard absolute horror stories about the nasty sugar drink they make you drink but it really wasn't that bad at all. All the waiting around for 2 hours was abit of a pain but not the end of the world. I was told if I didn't hear anything then my results were fine and that a midwife would only contact me if my results came back positive and I haven't heard anything so I'm assuming all is okay. Although I was away when they would have been due to ring with the results so I will double check next time I see Karen.
I also had a 28 week checkup with Karen straight after just to make sure I would be okay to fly to Corsica. As I was over 28 weeks by this point our airline needed a "fit to fly" letter from a midwife or doctor confirming that I had not been experiencing any problems in my pregnancy so far. This is pretty normal procedure for most airlines and as it turned out no one was even fussed or wanted to see it but I felt happier having a letter anyway. 


Not technically shopping I guess but before we went away I met up with a lovely lady I used to work with who so so kindly donated SO many baby bits to us!
We now have a pink bumbo seat, a rainforest baby bouncer, a Winnie the Pooh baby bath, a door bouncer and so so many bags of baby girl clothes.
I honestly have been so overwhelmed with everybody's generosity since we announced we were having a baby. I really never expected to receive so many amazing items both new and hand me downs which have been an absolute god send to us and are really really appreciated.

Are you around the 28/29 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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