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As I'm sure I mentioned in one of my recent bump updates we recently went on a weeks holiday to Corsica.
Now I don't know about you but I had no clue where Corsica was (and that's embarrassing to admit as an air hostess!) but it's a teeny little island off the coast of southern France & north western Italy with Sardinia and Sicily, but unlike the other two islands Corsica is owned by France rather than Italy - which all confused me a LOT.

I actually flew out to Corsica 28 weeks pregnant which is the last week you are able to fly without a doctor note for most UK airlines. So as I was going to be 29 weeks when we flew back I had to make sure I had a letter from my midwife confirming that in her opinion both me & bubba were fit & healthy to fly. 
Luckily I actually found the flight both ways absolutely fine and no different to anytime I've flown before I was pregnant. I had read to expect extra swelling but thankfully this didn't seem to happen, I did make sure to drink lots & lots of water, get up to walk around a bit and it probably helped that the flight was only 1hr 50 so over pretty quickly really.

Overall I actually found a hot holiday while pregnant absolutely fine. The temperature was 30+ degrees everyday but to be honest I didn't struggle like I expected to. There were a couple of occasions where I felt fine in the heat and like I could lay out & sunbathe like normal but I was conscious that bump was getting a bit too hot so made sure I went to sit in the shade. I also usually burn super super easy (damn ginger skin!!) so I made double, triple sure that I wore my spf 30 & 50 like a good girl and kept my bump in particular out of direct sunlight wherever possible. Luckily the whole villa had really good air conditioning and each bedroom had a blackout shutter that came down electronically across the windows which kept our rooms lovely & cool throughout the day!
I'm not going to lie it was quite nice having a "get out of jail free" card being pregnant. If my family all went out for the day & I didn't feel up to it we didn't hesitate to say so and had a few quiet days staying in round the pool. Walking around in the heat all day would have been too much, especially up and down the gorgeous mountains we were staying in.

The whole purpose of the trip was to celebrate my Uncle's 50th birthday coming up soon so we were lucky enough to be staying in this gorgeous 6-bedroom villa. There were 13 of us in total, all my family plus G and my cousin's girlfriend Chloe. 
The villa was so pretty and modern, in fact we were the first people to stay in it so everything was literally brand new! We had every amenity you could possibly think of, all 6 bedrooms had en suite bathrooms (one in fact was its own separate little studio with its own kitchen & living space), a laundry room, BBQ, a gym, table tennis table, a huge plasma TV, iPod docking it really was amazing.

It would have been so so easy to just lock ourselves away in the gorgeous villa for the entire we but we did try to venture out a few times. We had a couple of meals out in the evenings, including a very scrummy Michelin starred meal that my nan & grandad treated us all to one night.
On our last day G and I actually just spent a bit of time in our own. It was the anniversary of the day that G's dad died 8 years ago so it's always a sad time of year for us and spending the day with a houseful of people would have been a bit much. We went out to this lovely sandy beach for the day and had some lunch. g finally got to try his "Moules Frites" which he had been dying to all week and I played it safe with a big fat burger!

All in all we had a great time and were so grateful to be able to get one last holiday in before Squishy arrives. Realistically we wouldn't have been able to afford to go away on our own this year otherwise so that made us even more grateful of the sunshine.
Don't get me wrong it's definitely testing at times being cooped up with 13 members of your family but I think the holiday went pretty well considering, nobody got on anybody's nerves too much and my Uncle enjoyed himself which was the main thing after all!

Did you have a last minute holiday whilst pregnant? Have you been away yet this year? Or do you have any holidays coming up? I'd love to hear all about them.
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