Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bump update - 32 weeks


I'm really starting to feel massive now :( everyone likes to comment on how much  bigger I've got since last time they saw me which definitely isn't necessary. An actual stranger asked me if it was twins the other day...I mean really?? Why would you say that to a pregnant lady? REALLY?

My belly button is still in but it's definitely getting more shallow and looking rather strange so we reckon it's gonna pop out any minute. Touch wood still no stretch marks, I'm hoping they might have started to show by now if they were coming at all but I know there's still time. I'm not overly worried about getting them to be honest but now I've gone all this time without it would be nice to make it to the end!

What have we been up to?

Since turning 32 weeks we've been pretty busy but not up to anything particularly exciting. We went for a lovely sunny pub lunch just the two of us, which is always a treat, caught up with some friends and their little girl Isla for dinner, have been chilling out in the garden & making the most of the sun. On Thursday we had a 32 week scan and consultant appointment which I'll explain more about below. Today (Saturday) we've blitzed all the housework and set up Squishy's Tommee Tippee steriliser. I know it's probably a little bit early but I'm just too eager to get everything setup now and wanted to have a play around.


I've been really craving ice cream already this week, I think the hot weather definitely makes that worse! Also I've been going from fine to absolutely starving in 2 seconds flat and HAVE to eat something very quickly! Frustratingly I'm getting physically full quicker now and don't have room for food but still feel starving so I'm never really feeling satisfied.

I've put on another quarter of a pound so I'm weighing 204.25lbs now. A total weight gain of 11.25lbs!


I still haven't experienced any Braxton Hicks which I thought I would have by now? Not too many symptoms really, heartburn has eased off a little now which is good. I'm starting to feel tired in the heat much quicker than before.
Movements are still crazy as ever. In fact since our scan on Thursday Squishy seems to be partying even harder in my tummy!


Mostly happy, nesting is kicking in and worrying about money as always!


For the third time a sonographer has said girl so I finally definitely believe it now!


Because of my slightly high BMI we had an extra growth scan this week so got to see Squishy again. I really love going to scans and feel a little sad that we probably won't be having anymore now. Our little peewee is weighing in at 4lb 12oz already (eeeek!), which does scare me as that seems pretty large already but it's nice knowing she is growing well and would probably manage with minimal help if she arrived anytime from now. All her measurements are still bang on average apart from that podgy little belly which is still large!
Squishy is too big to be seen on the ultrasound screen in full now so we settled for a little bit of her at a time. Here is a pic of her cute face, stumpy little nose & teeny lips **heart melting already**

I am so in love already!

After seeing the consultant they were happy that both me & baby are healthy and doing fine. The gallstone issues have quietened down for now and my high blood pressure seems to have been a fluke because it's been fine ever since so they discharged me back to sole midwife care which is nice. I feel much happier not being classed as "high risk" because I feel fine in myself and didn't feel like I should have been high risk in the first place.


I actually don't think we've bought anything new for the baby this week. I'm
not really expecting this to change now, we're done! Everything is ready for Squishy to arrive and the little madam has everything she could possibly need. 
I did stock up on snacks & drinks for mine & G's hospital bags - better to be prepared right?

Are you around the 32 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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