Saturday, 11 July 2015

Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium!!!

Last night we were lucky enough to go to the Ed Sheeran concert at Wembley Stadium!!
It was so so amazing!! We'd bought the tickets last year before we knew Squishy was on the way and I was a little worried that I would be too heavily pregnant to properly enjoy it and was worrying about having to get the train & the tube in the hot weather but I needn't have been - everything turned out just fine!

We went with our friends Lloyd & Gemma who very kindly offered to drive us there and back which made the whole journey SO much better!
Ed was absolutely amazing!!! It's pretty surreal thinking one little man with a guitar can sell out 91,000 people at Wembley Stadium - I'm pretty sure he's the first solo artist to do that! I just love that Ed seems like the nicest, most genuine, humble person ever and it totally melts my heart that he has done so well for himself. I think he fully deserves all the success he is having!

He played 2 hours solid with no break or anything. No band, no backing tracks, just Ed Sheeran and a guitar - amazing! Most of the songs were from his second album Multiply (which you absolutely need  to buy by the way, if you don't already own it. It's incredible!) and then he did all his big hits like The A Team as well.

Elton John even popped out as a special guest and they sang a couple of songs together which was a lovely surprise. I bet Ed has the celebs queuing up to appear with him. Let's face it, it doesn't get much bigger than Sir Elton coming out on stage with you!

We were sitting up on the 5th tier, which if you've ever been to Wembley Stadium you'll know is very high, but to be fair we were quite happy with our seats. I always think at a concert it doesn't really matter what view you have because you're there to listen aren't you? The stadium was absolutely packed, all three tiers and the entire pitch was full to the brim. I've actually been to a concert at the stadium before, Take That a couple of years ago and I definitely think there were more people in the venue last night.
I did start to get a little uncomfortable sitting in the same position for too long. Baby definitely seems to be right up under my ribs on the left. My midwife says I have a short torso so baby literally has nowhere to move to anymore. She's head down & fully engaged but because I'm short her body is literally taking over my whole insides & she's going to struggle to change position much more now.

Would I recommend going to a concert 8 & half months pregnant? Absolutely! As long as you make sure you take it easy, sit down & rest where you can, and in my case keep really really hydrated in the hot weather!

Are you an Ed Sheeran fan? Have you been to any concerts recently or while you were pregnant?

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  1. sounds like you had a lovely time! I love Ed, hes so talented and seems super nice. I love going to concerts, i went to the summertime ball at wemberly stadium when i was 5 months pregnant which was exhausting as we were in the standing area so i had to stand all day and night, wouldn't recommend that! haha I also met Justin Bieber when i was 8 weeks pregnant but i didn't know at the time haha x