Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My birthday

As I think I've already mentioned it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, the big 2-7! I actually have no idea how that has sneaked up on me, I honestly still feel like I'm in my early 20's and 27 sounds so old! I'm the youngest out of all my friends so quite regularly I've got friends turning 30 now which scares the life out of me. I always said I wanted to be 26/27 when I had my first baby so I guess things are right about on track for that....

Unfortunately we didn't really have the money to celebrate my birthday in anyway but I did get some lovely presents as always and was happy to spend the day with G and Marley.

I got my first "godmother" card from my gorgeous little goddaughter Betsy which I thought was the cutest thing ever! I didn't even know those sorts of cards existed? She may only be 6 months old but she already knows how to spoil me, bless her.

G got me a bottle of Dot by Marc Jacobs which I had been lusting after for ages and loads of other little bits. My mum and dad mostly gave me money which is always appreciated but my mum can never resist getting me a load of smelly bits so I have something to unwrap on the day.
My little brother always gets me the cutest presents, this year included Yankee Candles which are always going to be a winner, some ultra comfy memory phone slippers for my hospital bag (so thoughtful!) and this amazing recipe book for Mug Cakes! Don't they look incredible!!

G's mum bought me the loveliest Missoma bracelet which I absolutely adore. It's so pretty and delicate which is exactly the kind of jewellery I like and has the cutest little "daughter" charm so it's very special. I'm not huge on gold jewellery and tend to only wear silver or rose gold so it really is perfect. I've actually decided to not start wearing it until Squishy arrives so it will be extra sentimental.

That's about it for my birthday this year. As I said we didn't really have the money to do a lot and being heavily pregnant does limit the sort of thing I fancy doing anyway to be honest. We're hoping to save some pennies and squeeze a final date night/late birthday/late anniversary in before Squishy arrives so I'll be sure to keep you posted if we do manage it.

It feels really bizarre that this is my last birthday before I become a mummy. The last one of no responsibility! Eeeek! Birthdays will never really be the same again and it makes me a little bit sad....but crazy excited at the same time. I'm not sure I really made the most of this last birthday of freedom at all but never mind.

Have you celebrated your birthday recently? What do you usually do to celebrate?

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