Friday, 31 July 2015

Bump update - 36 weeks


At my last midwife appointment (36 + 6) Squishy was measuring at 38 weeks so slightly ahead so bump is definitely still growing away! Haha
I actually said to G the other day it's quite a nice feeling now knowing it can't get much bigger. I mean I know she's still going to grow a little more and no doubt stretch me out some more but really how much more can happen in 3 weeks?

Everyone still comments on how big I've got when they see me now which is a little bit depressing when I think about it too much! All of G's family were happily prodding & poking away the other evening and no-one can seem to believe just how rock hard my belly is. All the healthcare professionals are amazing how compact Squishy is in there and keep saying how uncomfortable I must be because there is NO room for anything now!

What have we been up to?

Nothing hugely exciting has been happening this week. My friend Lucy came to see me with my gorgeous little goddaughter Betsy which is always a treat. Betsy is 6 & a half months old now so we're hoping the girls will grow up to be close and it's always interesting seeing Marley interact with small babies. He loves toddlers who can chase him around & play with him but he never seems quite sure of babies. If anything he's scared of them! Which is crazy ironic when everyone lectures us about not leaving the dog with the baby - he's such a softy though we know we don't have anything to worry about. Betsy was trying to bite his nose at one point & he just sits & takes it all giving out kisses left right & centre bless him.
Today is G's sister Carla's 30th birthday so we'll be going round to see her later on after my midwife appointment. Fingers crossed for birthday cake!

Lots of ice cream this week.


Heartburn has just been horrendous this week. It only strikes at night when I lie down but one night we had run out of Rennie's & I had to sleep full on sitting up for the night! TOTAL disaster!
Squishy's movements have really picked up again which I'm pleased about because I'm not worrying so much.


I've been in a much better mood this week and have definitely cheered up. The hormones are definitely hitting me more at the moment though and I find myself crying at silly things - mostly happy tears though!




We're about to go for my 36 week midwife checkup. I say we because G is off and coming with me for a change which will be nice. He hasn't met my midwife since I changed to a different one at about 20 weeks so it'll be nice for him to put a face to the name & he always likes hearing Squishy's little heartbeat.
I ended up back at the Maternity Day Unit again because my blood pressure was the highest yet! To cut a long story short everything is fine and they still won't put me on any medication to control the BP because it isn't consistently high. And because I don't have any other symptoms at all they aren't worried about pre eclampsia at the moment but are keeping an eye on everything just to be safe.
What really upset and worried me is that I nearly ended up being admitted for the night for monitoring because they got my notes muddled up with somebody else!!! I mean seriously? That happens? How is that even possible? During pregnancy you carry round a great big folder of personal pregnancy notes which get passed to every medical professional you deal with. Can that happen in labour? Will they get me muddled with someone then and insist I need a C-section or worse when I don't? 
To say I've lost all faith in my local maternity unit is an understatement! I'm honestly quite worried and G was furious that they worried me all essentially for nothing and don't explain what's going on.


Again nothing much now. I really think we are all done and ready. I need to rebuy all our hospital bag snacks & drinks because inevitably they got eaten with me buying them too early. I think I'm gonna get a couple more packs of nappies and cartons of milk in our food shopping this week as well just to be extra prepared.

Labour signs?

With the 19th July coming and going again pretty quickly we officially have less than a month until Squishy is due so I thought it was about time I start looking out for labour signs! Eeeeek!
I've been having period type pains and back pains for a couple of weeks now which has to be a good sign. Also possibly TMI for the Internet but I've been getting a lot of discharge which they say is the body clearing the way for the baby!

Are you around the 36 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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  1. Glad everything is going well despite the high blood pressure.
    It is shocking that they got the notes mixed up!
    I remember the heartburn, it was so bad!

    1. haha I'm honestly popping rennie's like sweets at the moment - not good! I'm looking forward to the day I don't have to carry them in my handbag!
      Honestly so so worrying that they got me muddled with another lady! I can't help but worry about it now, you don't really have any choice but to put your faith in these people do you?