Monday, 6 July 2015

Bump update - 33 weeks


Squishy is still measuring dead on 33 weeks which is good. At my checkup this morning my midwife commented that she's still laying really high which I hadn't really thought about but I guess she is. 

Even though her head is down where it should be my bump doesn't seem to have dropped at all yet and I definitely get feet in my ribs frequently throughout the day.

What have we been up to?

So far this week we've been for a lovely BBQ at my nan & grandad's house down on the coast. We hadn't seen them since our holiday so it was nice to catchup & we had a lovely day in the sun.
I've had some more dramas with the car and ended up getting towed home from work on Friday evening which is always fun. I need to sell her because I only have a 2-seater convertible which isn't going to be much use once Squishy is here, and ever since I mentioned selling her she's given us nothing but trouble! Last night we popped out for drinks for our friend Liam's birthday which was nice. Just a pretty chilled pub garden evening but it was nice to get out the house and have an excuse to put some makeup on for a change.


In this weather it's really just been ice lollies & lots of cold drinks this week! I've really got a taste for bitter lemon which reminds me of work as I always drink it on the plane! Again I'm too scared to weigh myself, I'm expecting the weight to pile on pretty steady now so I'll save that update for next week!


I'm still getting lots and lots of regular movement which is always reassuring and you know what? It's not actually creeping me out as much as before, I think I'm getting used to it!
I'm definitely suffering more with aches and pains. Every time I move after sitting down for a while something hurts!
And this heat? WOW! I definitely am not coping well but I won't bore you to tears again, you can read all about my heatwave struggles here


I'm always in a good mood and generally happy but I'm definitely ready for Squishy to arrive now. I've had enough of being pregnant & it feels like time is going soooo slowly!
The last couple of days I've actually been feeling really emotional and over sensitive to everything. I feel like G is neglecting me a little bit and am feeling sorry for myself :( I'm not sure how much of it is in my head and just hormones or whether these things would actually be bothering me normally? We'll see.




I've actually just had my checkup with Karen (my midwife) this morning and annoyingly a little protein has shown up in my urine which could mean the start of pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure had gone up as well but wasn't crazy high so she wasn't too worried at this stage but I'm popping back with another sample later in the week to keep an eye on it.
I went back to the midwife yesterday and thankfully everything is back to normal. My bp has dropped again and there was no protein in my wee anymore so earlier in the week must have just been a fluke strange day which is so good and I'm really happy about it. Karen says I have a short torso so baby literally has no room and is pretty engaged & head down now anyway - which explains all the kicking under my left ribs!


I've been wanting this little Minnie Mouse teddy for Squishy ever since we found out she was a girl! You can only buy them from Disney theme parks so it took a bit of hunting down but it finally arrived and I LOVE it!

Are you around the 33 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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  1. Well you look lovely! My husband had a two seater when I fell pregnant and he sold it before the baby arrived. It was like officially saying goodbye to fun ;)

    1. aaw thank you so much hun that's so lovely - i definitely don't feel lovely right now! hehe
      i know, its so sad saying goodbye to the two seater isn't it?! i still haven't got rid of mine and we've got less than three weeks now....definitely trying to cling on as long as i can xx