Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Bump update - 34 weeks


This week I've been feeling much more uncomfortable. Sitting at my desk at work on Thursday was a real struggle and I keep feeling feet in my ribs & feel like I need to stretch to try & get baby moving a little to a comfier position. 

I feel really really extra massive this week & very heavy. Moving into and out of any sitting position is harder & lots of effort now.

What have we been up to?

This week has been so so exciting and one I've been looking forward to for WEEKS! On Friday night we went to the Ed Sheeran concert at Wembley Stadium which was so so amazing. You can read all about it & see some cheeky pics here.
Today (Saturday) we off to a BBQ with all our friends and the weather is looking good so I'm excited, then tomorrow is my BABY SHOWER! My mum has been busy planning away for months & I'm so excited to catchup with all my girls and family.


Again with the weather I've been loving my ice cream but I need to try & ease off before the weight gain gets out of control! My baby shower was a full afternoon tea and I think I ate my own body weight in scones, jam & cream which is never good, never mind all the leftovers my mum sent me home with!


Still lots of strong movements. Maybe slightly less than normal this week but Squishy still moves multiple times a day so I haven't been worried, it's just toned down slightly from feeling like all she did was move all day long!


Actually this week has all been a bit much for me. I think throughout my pregnancy I've been building up to this busy weekend and looking forward to it so much now it's actually been & gone I'm feeling crazy overwhelmed! It's like it's suddenly hit me that we're actually going to have a baby in a couple of weeks - and I'm not going to lie it's freaked me out a little bit. I'm feeling very anxious and unprepared even though I know we've done everything to be a prepared as it's possible to be!




I had my whooping cough vaccination and an antenatal checkup with Karen this morning & my BP was high again, accompanied with protein in my wee so off to the hospital I was sent. 
I was up at the maternity day unit for a couple of hours this afternoon hooked up to all the monitors to check everything is okay. Squishy's heartbeat was crazy fast to begin with but she must have just been excited because it soon calmed down and all the midwives and doctors were happy for us to come off the machines. I've had lots of bloods taken which I have to ring up for the results later tonight and a possible infection somewhere - which I suspect is coming from my tooth - so all in all today hasn't been a great day. My blood pressure did eventually come down a bit and there was only a trace of protein in my wee, whereas there was a lot this morning so everybody was happy to let me go home eventually & just be checked by the midwife again next week. Luckily I'm not showing any other symptoms of pre eclampsia at the moment like blurred vision, headaches & swelling and that's what they are most concerned to monitor. I'm home now but feeling absolutely exhausted!


I'm still not buying anything new but this week Squishy received SO many amazing presents from all my friends and family at my baby shower. I'm honestly feeling so emotional and overwhelmed by everybody's generosity, it's crazy considering she's not even here yet!

We are so lucky to have such amazing people around us who already love our baby girl so much and we genuinely appreciate all the gifts and advice more than anyone will ever realise!

Are you around the 34 week pregnant mark? I'd love to hear from other August mummy-to-be's.
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