Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bump update - 15 weeks

Most days I definitely feel like pregnancy is going super super slow and dragging for me personally - really haven't I been pregnant for 3 years already? - but then when I see the title of this post 15 weeks does seem quite far in really! Eeeek!


To be honest bump is still pretty non-existant, which is definitely making me a bit sad by now. I'm wishing the time away until I actually start to show properly and there won't be any confusion over whether I'm pregnant or not, but I'm sure I'll look back and laugh at this when I'm overdue, swollen and hot with a massive bump all through June, July and August.
The bottom of my tummy is definitely hardening slightly and G says he can see a little bump but I'm not sure.
It's moments like this I definitely regret being a podge before I became pregnant, I'm sure I'd have a neat little bump by now if I was skinny!
No stretchmarks yet and everything is still looking as it did before.

Cravings & Weight

I'm not sure whether I'm actually experiencing any "I must have it right this second or else..." cravings but I'm definitely loving certain things more at the moment, obviously the naughty things that I shouldn't be:
- chocolate....daily! Which I'm not sure is a new thing but me & Squishy certainly get upset if G won't go to the shop and buy us any in the evenings. In particular Mini Eggs!
- tuna melt Panini's from Costa, I don't know why it has to be these particular ones but it just does. I'm trying to lay off these though and restrict the amount of Tuna I'm eating to stick to the recommend.
I've now put on 3.75lbs total so pretty happy with that so far.


Touch wood I know I have been so so lucky but still not a single symptom to really moan about.
- I know I sounds ridiculous because I'm lucky to be in the position that I am where I am only working 2-days a week at the moment - and obviously lots and lots of women work full-time when pregnant - but I'm noticing that I'm exhausted when I come home from a work day. Like can't keep my eyes open tired.
- Ooooh just thought of another one, over the last 2 weeks or so I've been getting bad pains in my lower back and stomach. Nothing unbearable or to worry about (so I'm told) but just like I've pulled all my stomach muscles and it hurts when I try to get up off the sofa or when I sneeze and laugh. I've done some self-diagnosis googling of course and these pains are pretty normal for this stage of pregnancy. Some kind of ligament pains where everything in and round my uterus is just stretching and making way for Squishy.
- I'm also becoming a bit of an acne face which isn't fun. Especially for someone that rarely gets spots usually.


Nothing particularly baby related this week. I was meant to see the Midwife for my 15 week check-up but they messed up the appointment booking so I'm actually going towards the end of the week now when I'll be 16 weeks instead.


Quote a productive shopping week for Squishy! This week I picked up some serious bargains:
- Boots had a great deal on a pack of 6x Tommee Tippee bottles for £12.99 RRP £25.99
- Baby Gap also had a mammoth sale and I couldn't resist some more clothes
I'll try & get a post up with all the little bits we've been buying later this week.


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