Monday, 30 March 2015

Bump update - 18 weeks

This week bump seems to have stayed about the same size so I haven't bothered getting a photo. I still feel like I'm at the awkward in between stage of pregnant & fat but G says I'm imagining it.
No new cravings really. I did manage to demolish an entire Freddo Easter egg AND all the mini Freddo heads in the space of ten minutes though **FAIL**
I've been getting pins & needles in my hands in the night which wakes me up sometimes & is abit weird but that's all that's new this week. Still no definite movement but I'm desperate to feel Squishy now :(
No appointments this week but I did finally manage to book in for my 20 week checkup after them being fully booked everytime I call so that's a relief.

I actually don't think I've bought anything new this week? struggling to think now! Haha
Really annoyingly though there are loads of pink/blue bits I want from BHS as soon as we know Squishy's sex and they have all gone in the sale now!!! Am panicking nothing will be left by the time we hit the shops, I'm seriously considering buying everything in sight and then taking half back! Is that acceptable?


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