Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Baby Girl Wishlist

Now as you know we don't actually find out whether Squishy is a boy or a girl for a couple more weeks but I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the bits we have our eye on for each it's baby GIRL wishing!

1) Baby by Chad Valley Deluxe Pink Bouncer - Argos £22.49
We've already got the swing from this same range & are really impressed with it so far. We just can't seem to decide whether to get a bouncer as well as a swing? Is it a waste of money having both?

2) Baby Girls Heart Print 2.5tog Sleepbag - BHS £14.00
I love love BHS' current baby range. It is so cute and full of heart and star print items which are my favourites. This Sleepbag is really snug & soft and even though it will probably be a little too warm for Squishy straight away, being due in August, I think we'll get it in a bigger size so it will be all ready for Winter.

3) Kinder Valley Ellie Elephant Moses Basket Pink - Asda £26.95
As finding out we are expecting Squishy was a bit of a surprise we weren't exactly the most prepared parents-to-be so we've definitely tried to stick to a budget where we can.
I've been really impressed with the variety of Asda's baby department, there are some really cute items that all seem to have great reviews and of course as expected are at a very reasonable price.
Elephants are my favourite animal ever and we definitely have a bit of a theme going on with the items that we've already picked up for Squishy. This Moses basket would fit in perfectly!

4) Kinder Valley Kai Compact Cot in Dusky Pink - Asda £49
Again being from Asda this cot is amazing value for money. Squishy' nursery isn't a very big room so we were pretty restricted with the furniture we could pick, as this is a space saver compact cot it will be perfect.
Even though it won't last Squishy as long as a regular cotbed would it's cheap enough that we will still be saving money even if we have to buy a toddler bed at 18months. Most of all though I LOVE the colour of this cot, the Dusky Pink is just gorgeous and so unusual!

5) Mothercare Spotty Pull On Boots - originally £7, now £4 
Probably not suitable for August time so we'll have to buy in a larger size but these little polka dot booties are just adorable! *heart melts*

6)  Mothercare Leopard Snowsuit - £32.00
Even though Squish is going to be born in the Summer I just can't resist. Obviously we'll be buying in 3-6 months but I can't wait for cold days when this will come in handy. Snowsuits in teeny sizes have to be one of the cutest things ever right?

So there you have it, a few bits in hearting over at the moment. And there's me thinking I'd prefer a boy? Haha



  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Love the cute things you've picked out for baby girl's! We're due around the same week, so exciting! Not long for you to find out what you're having :)

    Paula ♥ | xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by hun! Due the same week? How exciting! Have you come across many other bloggers that are due around the same time? xx