Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How much is too much?

To be honest I wasn't sure whether I wanted to blog about this because I know it's a touchy subject and something that some women don't have a lot of choice with, but I'm struggling to find a balance with how much work is too much?

Since falling pregnant I have found myself in a pretty unusual situation with my work life. I'm an air hostess, which is amazing and a job I absolutely love, but unfortunately due to what I can only assume is EU laws I am unable to work whilst pregnant. Nobody within the company really explains to you why this is and air hostess' in America fly right up until their maternity leave begins a few weeks before the baby is due (as you would with any other job I guess) but for some reason here in Europe it's not the done thing and you have to declare you're pregnancy as soon as it is realised and from then on you are "grounded" until the baby is born.

Now usually in this situation air hostess' would go and work in the office Mon-Fri during this time but again I am in an unusually predicament that because I am an international long-haul dolly I am lucky  that I am able to manage living a long way from the airport and commuting for each flight as I tend to be away for a significant period of time each shift. Unfortunately this means it simply isn't practical for me to drive a 2-3 hour each way commute in rush hour Mon-Fri so subsequently I am grounded at home on my basic salary until Squish comes along.

Now I know no work would be some women's idea of heaven especially during the first trimester when sickness plays a big part. I know how extremely lucky I was not to suffer with that! But believe me after a few weeks with Jeremy Jyle and no-one but the puppy to talk to I was beginning to go stir crazy!

The upshot is I have taken on some temp jobs in the meantime a) for a little extra cash. G is a builder and has had a very quiet winter which has been super stressful for us, especially now I am on a reduced wage through no fault of my own and b) mostly to keep me busy and out of trouble. 
What started off as a little temp job two days a week sat down in a travel agents office has now turned into 2 temp jobs, waitressing, bar work, 37.5 hour weeks and the option of plenty more hours if I want them. And now I'm beginning to feel a little silly....

When I signed up for all this extra work I was feeling fine - fresh as a daisy in fact- I still am really. I really can't complain and have had an amazing pregnancy so far but I'm definitely finding myself coming home with NO energy now. I get in, put my feet up and already dread the next shift 'x' amount of days away.
I don't want to mess people around and pull out of shifts I have agreed to but obviously I don't want to over do it and keeping Squish safe and healthy is my absolute priority over everything else.

I know lots of other women work 37.5 hour weeks (some more I imagine!) right up until they go on maternity leave and I feel silly moaning about it but I'm torn between listening to my body and listening to my head here!

Has anybody got any advice re working hours and pregnancy? Did anybody else reduce their hours as they got further along in the pregnancy? At which stage?
Any advice would be so appreciated.


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