Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lauren's Way Self Tanning Lotion in Darker Than Dark - Review

I just realised that despite always mentioning what a fake tan hoarder I am, I'm actually yet to post on what seems to be my favourite subject! Crazy right?
Being a natural redhead with pale skin a tan has always always been something I wish I could get naturally (especially when my boyfriend pretty much goes black everytime we go on holiday *jealous doesn't even cover it!*)....but I'm very slowly and begrudgingly coming to the decision that this isn't ever going to be happen for me so I have been a fake tan superfan for as long as I can remember now. For this reason I am always looking for new fake tans to try & test, always looking for a smoother application, better smell, richer tan etc..
For those of you that have some how avoided the TOWIE phenomenon Lauren's Way is the beauty company created by one of the original stars of reality tv series The Only Way is Essex, Lauren Goodger. Although as far as I'm aware Lauren's Way only started out selling fake tan, you can now purchase dream rollers, hair extensions, big buns and false eyelashes, while fake tan is now stocked in salons nationwide. Lauren also offers an "Essex Angels" service where her team of trusted beauticians come out and get you ready for your big night out - very useful if you happen to be in the Essex area. You can find out more about Lauren's Way on the website here

Lauren's Way self tan comes in the following variations:
Medium (mousse & lotion), Dark (lotion), Glam Tan (spray), Darker Than Dark (mousse & lotion) Instant Wash Off lotion & Gradual Tan lotion. Being the tan obcessive that I am, I of course opted for Darker Than Dark. I always go for Dark tone fake tans as it is so anything that claims to be able to make me even dark than that is definitely something I was interested in. I always pick lotion over mousse (although it used to be the other way round) because I think I get more use from a bottle of lotion, might be entirely in my head! haha and I find lotion much easier to work with and rub in streak free. Again since I first started using fake tans they have come on a long way and don't really tend to streak anymore no matter how slap dash you are when you slap it on, but still better to be safe than sorry eh?
On swatching Darker Than Dark does seem very very dark but don't let this put you off. I always find fake tan appears much darker on the mitt/gloves than on the skin for some reason and once you rub it in it will be much less intimidating I promise. This tanning lotion is a rich mahogany colour which on application is so smooth and creamy. With other tans in the past I've found that you have to work the product in really quickly before it dries and is stuck wherever you put it but Darker Than Dark is really easy to work with and I didn't feel the need to hurry when rubbing it in at all. Saying that it did apply evenly without a lot of effort due to the creamy moisturising texture which is always a good thing.
My absolute favourite thing about this product has to be the smell. It is a simply amazing and exotic citrus/orangey scent which makes a very welcome change from any tanning product I have ever used in the past. My boyfriend usually hates me getting into bed with the smell of fake tan on me & in the sheets but even he admitted this fragrance was pretty scrummy. Even when tans are designed to be scented and escape the well known 'biscuit' smell I always find that once they begin to develop and have been left on for a few hours the usual smell starts creeping back in. Darker than Dark really didn't do this! On application it smelt of oranges, lying in bed it smelt of oranges and when I woke up 9hrs later to shower it off it still smelt of oranges. I was really impressed and refreshingly surprised - big big attraction to Lauren's Way in my opinion!
To be completely honest this only aspect of this tan I am slightly disappointed with is the result. When you first apply the product you are left with this rich, strong, mahogany tan and after leaving it to develop overnight (which I always do) and rinsing it off the colour fades pretty dramatically. Don't get me wrong you are still left with an awesome golden tan but the name suggests this would be particularly Dark and I don't think it's any darker than a normal medium/dark tan would be. Maybe I was expecting too much?
I am still very happy with the results and will definitely be using Lauren's Way products again and recommending them to my friends and family, if for nothing other than the fantastic smell. I just don't think Darker Than Dark is an accurate description of the finished look. Although I can easily apply the tan a couple of times to get my desired look I guess I was hoping for a super dark finish with one easy application.
Darker Than Dark lotion blended effortlessly, left me with no streaks or patches at all and left my skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturised which again is rare with any tanning product - definitely going to be adding this product to my drawer of go to tanning lotions.
Have you tried any of Lauren's Way products?
Will you be trying Darker Than Dark tanning lotion?
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