Monday, 30 March 2015

Maternity shop #1

So I'm not sure whether I've done well to last until 19+5 weeks until I had to buy any maternity clothing or not? I don't really know when most women find they need to buy a few extra bits and bobs but I'm pretty happy that I've lasted until practically half way.
To be honest I've always been of the opinion that I don't want to buy too many maternity pieces because with Squishy being our first, money is obviously tight. G hasn't had a lot of work throughout the winter which has put even more stress on us financially so the less expense the better right now.
I'm hoping I can get buy with a lot of my normal clothes being pretty stretchy and just from cheap places like Primark or H&M so it doesn't matter too much if they get stretched out of shape and ruined and then for my final 2-3 months I'm hoping the weather will be nice enough to live in maxi dresses and maxi skirts but we'll see.
I definitely think there is a shortage of stylish, affordable maternity clothing on the high street. After a lot of searching the only shops I would even consider buying maternity clothes in are H&M and New Look, mainly down to the price and lack of choice in other shops. I'm going to be going on my best friends hen do when I'm 31 weeks and the thought of finding something pretty and suitable for somebody under the age of 40 is filling me with dread already!! Any suggestions please let me know? Anyhow over the last couple of weeks these are the bits I've picked up so far...

These maternity knickers are without a doubt the best thing since sliced bread! If you follow me on Twitter you've probably already seen me raving about them to anybody who will listen. I can't believe my mummy friends never told me about these babies! After reading the reviews on the Very website I bought these 2 sizes larger than I would usually go and they seem pretty perfect. There's plenty of room in the bump region for more growth but they don't fall down or dig in anywhere they shouldn't. These are honestly the comfiest things I have ever worn and are so so soft against the skin. I'm sure they'd be perfect for anyone suffering with an itchy bump or for any post C-section ladies out there as they are obviously 'over bump' and super high waisted - literally right up to my ribs. 

To be honest I don't love these trousers but they were pretty much the only tailored work appropriate maternity trousers I could find without paying Topshop prices. One of my jobs at the moment is working events in a hotel and I have to wear black trousers (not leggings!) and a white top so I didn't really have a lot of choice but to go out and purchase these once my normal trousers got a little snug. I picked these up in a 16 and I'd normally only be a 14-16 in New Look and they are pulling a little around my hips. I'm not sure they're going to last my entire pregnancy at this rate so we'll see how I get on. I do love the large bump support and the fact that the waistband is elasticated so no zippers, buttons or clasps to be phaffing around with. They are also too long for me so I assume a 34" leg but again maternity clothes don't seem to come in many options so a shorter leg wasn't an option so I'm annoyingly having to tuck them into the back of my pumps until I get round to taking them up.
Maternity Blue Hands Off The Bump T-Shirt - £7.99 New Look (although they only seem to have Coral online now)
It's just for a bit of fun really but love this t-shirt and think it will be great in the summer when I've actually got enough bump to fill it. And lets face it if you can't get away with being rude cheeky when you're pregnant then when can you? I actually got this t-shirt in a gorgeous cobalt blue colour which I'm definitely very into at the moment but they don't seem to have it online anymore so I've linked the coral version instead. I'm definitely going to be one of these people though, it's already annoying me that people think they can just grope my tummy whenever they feel like it so god knows how much worse it will get as the bump gets bigger. I think the fact that I have always been so self conscious of my weight it just feels so unnatural for people to touch my tummy, something that would normally have me cowering & slapping them away. I obviously don't mind G touching away when ever he likes to talk to the baby! haha....but that really is about it!
Where did you shop for maternity clothes?
Any suggestions for nice "going out" materity clothes?
I'd love to hear from you


  1. My friend recommended this place:
    I've mainly done mamas & papas (for jeans) and mothercare for pants & black work trousers. New look for maternity tops buy to be honest I mainly where really large long sleeve tee shirts from gap (not maternity) comfy and still fit at 35wks :)

  2. amazing! thank you so much for your suggestions hun, am literally going to check them out right now :) yep that's a good idea, I'm trying to just stick with my extra big, baggy, stretchy clothes as long as I can as well. Makes me feel much better than you're managing well at 35 weeks