Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation - Review

I'm really not sure how it has taken me so long to get this review up because I cannot stop raving about this product!! You may have already seen my review on Seventeen Brow's That brow kit which I was thrilled to received for free because I spent over £8 on Seventeen products, one of which was their Stay Time foundation which I have been dying to try out for ages after hearing nothing but good things!

Stay Time is Seventeen's latest foundation release and is designed to be a full coverage foundation - which although I probably don't always need full heavy coverage I simply love the look of and my aim is always to create a totally flawless matte finish. "Dewey/glowing" skin is definitely not for me!

As the name suggests the whole idea of this product is that the foundation stays in place for a long long time, and boy does it! I really am so impressed with the staying power of this foundation. I always feared I would never find a foundation that lives up to my beloved MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the longevity stakes and I've never found a drug
store foundation that can last an entire night out without needing to be reapplied....until now! Seventeen claim that Stay Time can stay put for up to 25 hours, now I don't know about that because I don't tend to leave my makeup on for that long but it definitely stays put perfectly for an entire day/night which is plenty long enough for me.

The formula of the foundation is very thick and gloopy, which in my eyes is a good quality and usually means it will give the full coverage look that I like. It does dry pretty fast once applied so you do have to work it in quickly and use a little at a time. I have only been using the foundation on its own, with no primer underneath because I think my face may feel a little too heavy and overloaded with product (and that is definitely a first for me to say!) if I did use primer too, but I can only imagine the foundation would last even longer on the skin and appear even more flawless than it already does if you did chose to use a primer.
A feature that I absolutely adore with this foundation is the twist/lid/lock feature (not sure what to call it really?) but basically when you aren't using the product you twist the lid and it becomes locked so that the pump cannot be used and no product can be lost in your handbag! - another pet hate of mine where drug store foundation is concerned. Not to mention that having a pump to begin with is a nice perk these days as I do hate having to purchase a MAC pump separately with my Studio Fix, you would think that spending £21.50 on foundation would warrant a free pump but apparently not?
I purchased Stay Time in the shade Fair which actually is in the middle of the scale. It is also available in Porcelain, Soft Ivory, Natural, Biscuit & Honey
I would 1000% recommend this foundation if you like a flawless finish and full coverage. It is definitely my new Studio Fix replacement for when my bank balance can't quite stretch to MAC.
Stay time can be found in all drugstore for £6.49
Have you tried Stay Time?
Have you found any other full coverage/long lasting drug store foundations?
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