Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My first trimester

As I'm actually now quite a way into my second trimester I thought I'd touch on what the first trimester of pregnancy was like for me. I didn't start blogging my pregnancy updates until 15 weeks so missed out quite a lot up until then I guess.


Bump wise I didn't notice anything at all in the first trimester. I guess this is pretty normal for first pregnancies and I wasn't necessarily expecting to show but no changes bump/stretchmark/cellulite wise.

Cravings & Weight
I really haven't had any cravings that I can think of. G says I'm eating more dark chocolate and fancying certain things to eat but to be honest it's all naughty food that I probably ate way too much of to begin with so nothing new.
At Christmas time I was eating some garlic cheese spread with pickle - so maybe not entirely my usual choices, but that's about the only strange one I can think of?
My weight at my booking in appointment with the midwife was 193lbs and so far I haven't put on too much more - touch wood! I'm hoping to only gain around a stone in total so anything like that I'll be happy with.

Please don't hate me but I was very very very lucky in my first trimester. I barely had any symptoms at all. No morning sickness, not even any nausea! In the very early days I felt like I needed to go to the toilet all the time and I've had very tender boobs up until pretty recently and been living in sports bras but that really is it. I really can't complain and I know how good I have had it.
Not really pregnancy related but I did suffer terribly with gallstones a few weeks after we found out - I actually ended up at the hospital and got to have an ultrasound on Squishy at 6 weeks whilst they were ultrasounding me for the gallstones anyway. I don't know if anyone reading this has ever suffered but gallstone pain is the WORST! I literally couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't get comfy, couldn't sit, couldn't lay down...it is horrendous! During all my googling to try to find pain relief advice I've seen gall stone attacks frequently described as much worse than child birth so that thought is making me feel much better about Squishy being born!!
An attack was coming on everytime I ate and lasting from anywhere between 2-13 hours. I was prescribed medication which did nothing and I wasn't allowed the proper medicine because I was pregnant so I was pretty much stuck. My GP told me they wouldn't really want to remove my gall bladder whilst pregnant but that was a last resort if the pain didn't go away.
Since then I discovered that drinking pure apple juice can help soften gallstones and enable them to pass through the gall bladder easier so I started drinking that religiously and seriously seriously touch wood I haven't had any more pains or attacks for a couple of months now. I've actually got an appointment with a surgeon on Thursday to discuss my options but as I'm not in anymore pain I'd rather stick it out and deal with any possible surgery after Squishy is born.


- As soon as we found out we were expecting I booked a doctors appointment and luckily managed to get in for the very next day. With it being my first pregnancy and not being able to ask anybody anything without giving it away we didn't really know what you are supposed to do? So I went to see my family GP who I've been going to since I was 2 and I guess I was expecting him to confirm the pregnancy maybe? Which of course didn't happen! He basically just told me to start taking folic acid and vitamin D and sent me off with a "congratulations on your pregnancy" pack.
- I then had to wait until I was 10 weeks for my booking in appointment with the midwife. G was actually around and able to come along as well which was nice. I think men often feel left out & like they are missing out on all the appointments, especially with our first baby he really wanted to be involved which was lovely.


We were actually very good and managed to resist buying anything at all for Squishy until we knew everything was okay at our 12 week scan. Pretty amazing for me considering the shopaholic that I am!
Actually I'm telling a little fib, we went to Manchester for the weekend just before Christmas for G's birthday and being the huge football fans that we are we couldn't resist buying a little something from the Megastore at Old Trafford - but that really was it! I didn't want to tempt fate and buy anything really but we don't get the chance to go up to Manchester or to football very often living 300 miles away in Kent so it seemed silly not to pick something up when we had the chance.
Me in Manchester with our first bag of baby shopping :)
How was your first trimester? I'd love to hear about it.

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