Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Bump update - 16 weeks


I still don't really feel like I'm showing that much personally but other people are starting to disagree. G says I definitely have a low bump and in his words "look like I'm smuggling a giant egg" (men eh?) and G's mum actually commented today that it's the first time she has seen me actually with a dinky bump - I got all shy & embarrassed! ha!

Cravings & Weight

- Still totally addicted to Mini Eggs which I feel like I should make the most of because they are sure to disappear after Easter right?
- Also loving Pink Lemonade this week and I hardly ever drink fizzy drinks so that's a little strange. Haven't weighed myself this week and the midwife didn't weigh me either so not too sure but I'll update when I can.


- High Blood Pressure (apparently! I'll get to this in a minute)
- Ligament pains are back with a vengeance, I pretty much can't move from the sofa once I get settled in the evening but G did make me a lovely hot water bottle last night which helped at the bottom of my back.
- Actually feeling a tiny bit sick for one of the first times this morning but I hadn't eaten so I don't think that helped. No actual sickness so still pretty happy.


So I went to the midwife last Thursday for my 15 weeks check-up (which had actually become my 16 week check-up). The started off by telling me I will need the glucose intolerance test at 28 weeks because of my BMI, which I expected but am definitely not looking forward to. Then pretty quickly things went downhill. I've actually been seeing the senior midwife along with a junior midwife at each appointment which I don't mind at all, everybody has to learn somewhere, so the junior midwife took my blood pressure manually as the machine wasn't working and then pretty quickly both midwives were freaking out and saying it was exceptionally high for my early stage of pregnancy and that I would probably have to go onto some medication. Now obviously this wouldn't be ideal and I'd rather not have high blood pressure but as long as it is monitored and controlled and isn't going to be an issue to the baby I wasn't too worried.
I then pretty quickly was rushed up to my local hospital without anybody really explaining why I was there or what was going on which naturally scared the hell out of me! In the end I ended up staying in for nearly 3 hours and having my blood pressure taken every 10 minutes during which time every single reading (apart from the very first one when I got there) was completely normal and a good 30-40 less than the midwife had read it at.
To cut a long story short the hospital were happy that my bp is absolutely fine, took some bloods (which also came back fine) and sent me home but I'm now really worrying that my midwife is a little bit retarded and excessively worrying me for no reason, which I really could do without at every appointment from now until my due date.
Has anybody else had bad experiences with their midwife? I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm really worrying she doesn't know what she's doing?


I had a lovely day shopping with my mum on Friday & we bought a couple of bits, again I'll try and get a haul post up soon I just haven't had a chance to take all my photos:
- I got a fab maternity tankini for our holiday in June - I'll be nearly 7 months so am assuming I'll have a pretty large bump by then! It was £25 down to £7 in the sale in Mothercare.
- This super cute Sesame Street sleeping bag although we got it from TK Maxx
- Some more short sleeve white baby gros
- A white blanket
- And absolutely most exciting of all - which will definitely be getting it's own post - we bought our Babystyle Oyster 2 Pram


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