Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bump update - 17 weeks


All of a sudden I think I definitely seem to have a bump!.....and I'm not sure how I feel about it? For weeks I've been wishing I'd start to show, just a little bit to make everything feel more real and now the bump has arrived it's really rather strange!
I am loving being able to wear tight fitting clothes to show off little Squishy because normal I seriously avoid tight clothing so it's a nice little treat. I think I just feel a bit awkward because I'm at that funny inbetween stage where people can't tell whether you've put on weight or whether you're pregnant but I'm sure bump will grow and I'll feel better about that in no time.

Cravings & Weight

Not craving anything in particular this week that I can think of? Have been trying to consciously eat a bit healthier and lay off the chocolate.


- My ligament pains are finally easing off - thank god! They haven't been so bad this week but I expect they are only going to resurface with a vengeance as bump grows.
- I've been feeling so so tired! Like SO tired. I've come home from work and fallen asleep on the sofa a couple of days this week. To be fair I think this definitely has something to do with the recent addition of a second, more active job and more hours which I'm still not sure was the right thing to take on. You can read more about my work confusion in my recent blog post here
- Most excitingly.....I think I can almost maybe sometimes feel Squishy wriggling. Only teeny butterfly type feelings in my tummy, like little bubbles popping but I'm sure that must be it right? It's hard to know what to expect baby movements to feel like when you've never experienced it before.


No appointments or anything baby related this week. I was supposed to go back to the midwife after my high blood pressure fiasco last week but to be honest I didn't feel confident with their advice after that. Plus I would never have been able to get an appointment at such short notice - my midwife only works 2 days a week and books up months in advance!


We haven't had  a lot of money this week because G didn't get paid last week like he was supposed to so we hadn't bought much - only a 12 pack of the Asda Little Angel Sensitive Cotton Soft Baby Wipes when we went food shopping (SUCH good value at £6 and can be used from birth now!)....but then I discovered did some nice baby bits and placed an order late last night (I seriously regret opening an account with them. Buy now pay later is SO dangerous:
All those bits came to just under £50 and I had a £20 off voucher so for under £30 I was pretty happy.

My nan & grandad came to see us at the weekend and bought us some cute little unisex bits as well which was lovely.
Again I am determined to get some hauls up this week - I have been RUBBISH!


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