Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My first baby

It's just occurred to me that I should probably mention and explain the first baby in my life.
Introducing Marley ......

Okay so he's not actually that small anymore because he's now 15 months old but he's still a cutie.

Marley is the first pet that me & G have owned together. G's mum still has two little Bischon Frise dogs (Jack & Howie) and they were lucky enough to always have a dog in the house growing up. I however was not! I have always loved dogs but was never allowed one. My mum spent our whole lives telling my brother and I that she was allergic to animals - but we were allowed rabbits? & then finally we got to an age where we realised she was actually a big fat liar, had her OWN dog as a child and actually just didn't like animals so that was that.

One of the first things on my list of things I wanted to do when we moved out was get a puppy - a girl cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy, who would be orange and white to be precise and to call her Minnie. Since our first home was a new build flat a puppy was neither allowed or practical but a year later when we moved into our current 2-bed house a new addition to the family became top of my list.

We went to see Marley & his brothers and sisters in early January 2014. When we arrived all the little puppies were crawling around and were so SO cute but Marley definitely chose us. He was the most adventurous puppy by far, crawling over to us, having a good old sniff and a cheeky little nibble of our ankles. The other puppies weren't as outgoing and brave so we were instantly drawn to Marley. My dreams of an orange and white girl puppy went right out the window and I didn't even care!!
Just over a year on from when we first brought Marley home I love this puppy more than I ever even thought was humanly possible! Something you can't explain to somebody who has never owned a dog I guess but he honestly is my little best friend.
He follows me everywhere, snuggles up with me at night, has his own little personality and likes/dislikes. Even something as simple as being in the house on my own when G has to work late or through the night is so much more enjoyable now I have a little puppy to share it with.
Do you have any pets? I'd love to hear about them & see pictures if you do?

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